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Several sweet recipes like sweetbreads, pound cake, cake, and cookies, among others, demand the use of butter extract. The concentrated butter flavor is butter extract. It brings a buttery flavor to many baking recipes. Unfortunately, as it’s used in many recipes, it’s often sold very soon. So you might not be the lucky one to find it in the grocery store today.

Don’t worry; there are a number of butter extract substitutes you can use. Maybe you couldn’t find butter in the store or don’t want to buy it as you only need it for one recipe. Whatever the reason, we have cut you the hard work and made you a list of the top 9 alternatives to butter extract.

9 substitutes of butter extract

We have come to save all the efforts you put into making that recipe that demands butter extract with this list. This section has all the possible alternatives that can be used in place of butter extract.

1. Butter

What could be a better substitute for butter extract than butter itself? This extract is made to copy the flavor of real butter, so why not use the real one. Salted butter will be best to use as it contains more flavor. Use melted butter if you need butter extract for making custard, cupcakes, or flavor cakes.

Use half a stick of butter and melt it. You can add more later if you want. Always start with adding less so that you don’t disturb the dish’s consistency, as you need this to add only the flavor of butter.

Butter will also help to make softer cakes. If you’re looking forward to making dairy-free cakes, use vegan butter or vegetable oil to get the same results.

2. Vanilla Extract

Bakers already have vanilla extract present in their fridge as it’s a common ingredient used in baking recipes. So when your recipe demands butter extract, replace it with vanilla extract instead.

Though you’ll not get the butter flavor with vanilla extract, it will give sweetness and richness to your recipe. It’s great to use when you need to flavor your custards or cakes. To give your baked goods a richer flavor, you can make a combination of vanilla extract and butter.

3. Almond extract

If you want to add flavors to your baked goods and cakes, almond extract can be a useful ingredient. You can find them easily in supermarkets. The almond extract doesn’t give a butter taste to your recipes. However, it will provide a rich flavor to them.

You can use the same amount of almond extract as your recipe states for butter extract. This substitute will give you amazing and delicious results.

4. Greek yogurt

Yes, surprisingly, greek yogurt can be used in place of butter extract too. It can be used as an alternative to butter extract for both savory and sweet recipes. Greek yogurt will bring richness to your recipes with its tangy and creamy flavor.

Greek yogurt is used to make cupcakes and cakes to keep them moist. So that means using this as a substitute will be beneficial. The amount can be the same as mentioned for butter extract. If you feel like adding more, do it.

5. Canola Oil

Though canola oil may not have a flavor, it’s used as a substitute for butter extract because it brings moisture and richness to the recipe. Canola oil can be used to make cupcakes and cakes in place of butter extract. Use ¼ of one teaspoon of butter extract for canola oil.

Note: Don’t use canola oil for making custards as it can ruin its consistency.

6. Olive oil

If you’re in a hurry, use olive oil to substitute for butter extract. It has a very subtle flavor and brings an exotic flavor to your baked goods. Due to its subtly, there are absolutely zero chances of it ruining your recipe.

Olive oil is usually used in baking, so it’s a good substitute if you don’t have butter.

7. Applesauce

Applesauce is commonly used in baking recipes in place of butter or eggs. It provides moisture and richness to your recipes, so it’s a good and healthy alternative to butter extract. This will make your cake so delicious and soft that you’ll never need butter extract or butter.

The flavor can be a bit different than usual, but it will be really tasty.

8. Almond butter

Almond butter is also useful in bringing moisture and lavishness to your baked goods. This ingredient is becoming very popular, especially in plant-based recipes that don’t require the use of dairy products. That’s why it can be used in place of butter extract.

Almond butter will bring a whole new flavor to your recipe. Keeping aside the different flavors, the overall result will be successful, and your cupcakes and cakes will be moist.

9. Clear vanilla extract

Remember the boxed cake mix you enjoyed as a child; clear vanilla extract can be your buddy if you’re repeating that recipe. You can find it online. It has a stronger and sweeter flavor that’s good for any cake recipe.


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