How Much Juice Is In One Orange?

How Much Juice Is In One Orange?

As a kid, we all get curious about different things and ask uncommon questions. Well, some questions are still unanswered, like How much juice is in one orange? We bet some of you have tried squeezing one orange into a glass to know how much juice you get. Well, the exact quantity of juice totally depends on the size of the orange. You will get around 4-5 tablespoons of juice in a fresh regular-sized orange.

 Sometimes a recipe asks us to add, let’s say, 2 cups of orange juice. Now your grocery store only has fresh oranges, not orange juice. What now? How many oranges do you need to buy exactly? This can be confusing as too many oranges can go waste if not eaten on time. Keep reading to know more about this.

Which variety of orange gives more juice?

The amount of juice you will get from a single orange depends on which variety you’re using. The most popular varieties of orange are Navel, Valencia, Blood orange, Mandarin, and Cara Cara. Let’s discuss each variety in depth and count the quantity of juice each gives.

1. Navel Oranges

When you buy oranges from a grocery store or supermarket, you get the navel variety, so you’re familiar with this one. The name justifies the appearance of the orange as you can see a belly button type thing on the non-stem part. They are also called Christmas oranges because they mature at this time of the year.

Though navel oranges have a delicious taste and are seedless, they are not a good option to make juice. The navel orange is limonin-rich, so it gets bitter quickly. So if you’re taking juice out of it, drink it immediately. Unfortunately, you cannot store it in the fridge either.

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It doesn’t matter how big a navel orange is; it contains less juice. On the other hand, it has thick skin, so maybe it looks thick. A medium-sized orange would give about 3-4 tablespoons or ¼ cup.

2. Valencia Oranges

If you ask us which variety of oranges will give you the most delicious juice, we say valencia oranges. It will still taste sweet even after being kept in the fridge for 2-3 days. It is low in acidity and has a rich sweet taste.

It has seeds in it, but it’s worth the sweet juice you’ll get. A valencia orange will give you about 4-5 tbsp juice.

3. Clementine oranges

Clementine or a type of mandarin oranges are the perfect snacks as they are tiny. They are seedless and have thin skin. High in Vitamin C, they have an exclusive taste. The best time to buy them is between December and January. But to juice them, January to March is the preferable time.

Clementine oranges are smaller in size than regular-sized oranges, and the juice taken out of them is very little. For example, you will get 2 tbsp of juice from one clementine orange.

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4. Cara Cara oranges

Not only is their name attractive, but Cara Cara oranges also look attractive and delicious too. They are pink-fleshed fruits that are a great choice for juicing. They provide a great quantity of orange juice, just like navel oranges. It has mild acidity but is full of sweetness too.

Cara Cara oranges are easy to squeeze and give about 3-4 tbsp of juice. You can drink the juice directly or use it in a recipe.

5. Blood orange

Blood orange is smaller in size as compared to other varieties. However, they are full of benefits like lesser seeds and are easy to peel. December to April is the season of blood oranges, but they can be expensive even then. You should drink the juice the day you take it out because it ferments quickly as it has a high sugar volume.

You will get ⅓ cup or 80-85 ml of juice from one blood orange. Apart from giving delicious juice, blood oranges are used to make desserts and jams.

6. Mandarin Orange

Mandarin oranges come in small sizes with loose peels. They look flat. Setting aside their size, these oranges are sweet and juicy. They are good for eating and juicing because of their lower acid volume. You can get them from February to April.

You will get around 3 tbsp of juice from one mandarin orange.

the orange juice on the table

How to get a large quantity of juice from an orange?

Here are a few tips you can follow to get much juice from an orange:

  1. Warm the oranges.
  2. Roll it like a ball
  3. Instead of halves, cut into quarters.
  4. Use an electric juicer instead of squeezing.


While there are packages or bottled orange juices, nothing can beat the flavor of freshly squeezed orange juice. Homemade orange juice is not only good for your health but also good for your tongue. To get a rich experience, consider the weight and size of the orange.



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