Why Your Chicken Tastes Like Fish?

Why Your Chicken Tastes Like Fish?

Your partner is coming to your home for dinner, and you’re so excited to prepare chicken for them. You put your heart into making it, and when you two start eating it, the chicken tastes like fish? You sit there confused because you cooked chicken. It’s funny but sad at the same time. But why does your chicken tastes like fish? It might be because of some issues while packaging and storing.

Sometimes our food doesn’t taste the way we planned it to be, no matter how many preparations we made. But there are methods to prevent your chicken from tasting like fish. Keep reading to know more about this.

Why does chicken taste like fish?

Before hopping to the part of the solution, we should let you know why is it happening actually? Why your chicken smells and tastes like fish, especially when you’re using the same method you used before. It didn’t taste like fish before, but why now.

Here are some main reasons behind chicken tasting like fish:

1. Improper storage

The most obvious reason is you didn’t store the chicken at the right place. First of all, always check the expiry date of the chicken package before buying it. Secondly, if you’re not planning to use the chicken for the next few days, store it in a freezer.

It can be difficult to remember the expiry date so that you can label it with its expiry date in the freezer. Also, seal the chicken tightly in the freezer to prevent any other strong odor get to it, especially the smell of fish.

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2. Freezing then refreezing

One of the most common mistakes is taking the frozen chicken out, defrosting it, and refreezing the remaining chicken. Doing this is extremely dangerous for your health as it gives the chicken a fishy smell and taste. Instead, try keeping the chicken in parts instead of putting it whole in the fridge. This way, you can take out the exact amount of chicken without disturbing the rest.

3. Bad chicken

Sometimes the fishy taste is because of the meat you bought, not because of how you stored it. It is advised to buy chicken from recognized sellers only because they follow proper sanitation methods. If you can’t notice the chicken is bad by looking at it, then the best way would be to smell it. If it smells like fish, then no doubt it will taste like fish.

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4. Odor in the fridge

We often forget to clean our fridge and remove expired items. If your chicken is stored in the fridge with expired items, then these products can circulate an unpleasant odor inside the fridge. This odor can get inside your chicken, too, and make it taste like fish.
So clean your fridge often and timely remove all unexpired items. It is impossible to remember the expiry date of all items so try labeling them with their expiry dates in big letters.

How to remove the fishy smell from chicken?

Here are a few methods you can try to remove the fish taste from your chicken:

  1. Marinate with vinegar and water.
  2. Cook it in tomato sauce.
  3. Use salt and flour mixture to coat it.
  4. Keep your kitchen clean.


Chicken tasting like fish is a common problem, and there are several reasons behind it. Some even worry if chicken that tastes like fish is even safe to eat. The chicken becomes unsafe to eat when it’s gone beyond its expiry date. Always follow the simple tips given by us, and your chicken will not taste like fish the next time.

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