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7 Cookie-cutter substitutes

We all get cravings for cookies even if we don’t have a sweet tooth. A cookie is one thing that no one says no to when you offer them. Everyone enjoys eating delicious cookies, but only a few likes to make them.

If you’re one of those few people, you must have come to that one point where you’ve arranged all the items but don’t have a cookie-cutter. Now you start to look for its substitutes. If you haven’t found those substitutes, then we are here to help you out. Read further to know what things you can use as an alternative to a cookie-cutter.

What is a cookie-cutter?

Ever wondered how your cookies get into such amazing shapes? There’s no rocket science behind it. It’s just cut by a simple instrument known as the cookie cutter. It cuts cookies in different shapes. Just take the cookie-cutter out and put it above the dough, press it, and the shape is ready.

No cookie-cutter? Try these alternatives

Cookie-cutter makes it easy for you to cut cookies in different and unique shapes. But what to do when you don’t have one. Buddy, just look around your kitchen, and there are plenty of things you can use as a cookie-cutter. Don’t lose your heart even if the shapes didn’t turn out to be the way you wanted them to, roll up the dough and start again.

Tin can

You can use a tin can to cut your cookie dough. Just keep this one thing in mind. Make sure the tin can is empty! One common thing that all people faced who used an empty tin can is that the cookie dough got stuck inside the can. Solution? Cut both the ends of the tin can, and you can take the dough out from the other side if it gets stuck. Smart, right? Thanks, us later.

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As our drinking glasses quench our thirst, they can also satisfy our cookie cravings. Just pick a glass, place it over the dough, and cut the shape. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. The best part is that you can cut several cookies at a time with the help of someone. So make several cookies when you’re in a hurry.

Custom designs

You can always make custom designs on your cookie dough. How? Just use your regular kitchen knife and start cutting unique designs. Then, take our advice, try it with your partner or best friend. Trust us, both of you will end up having a good laugh about it. You can cut out fun shapes and surprise your family members with your creativity.

Pizza cutter

Say hello to the pizza cutter who has come to your rescue in this difficult time. After you’ve rolled out the dough, take the pizza cutter out and start cutting the dough. You can also experiment with your creativity on the dough with this pizza cutter. As pizza cutters are available in different sizes, you’ll need to choose the one that fits your needs.

Though you can cut only the shapes with straight sides like a rectangle, square, triangle, or diamond, if you try, you can cut a circle shape too. However, kitchen knives come with a risk of accidentally cutting your fingers, so in that case, a pizza cutter is a good choice.

Make a log and cut it

Or you can just roll up your cookie dough and start cutting it with your regular kitchen knife. If the recipe needs the cookies to be thick, try to maintain that. In this case, your baking time can change, so take care of that.

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Try drop cookies

Certain cookies save you the time of using a cookie cutter and making shapes. Such cookies are called drop cookies, like chocolate chip cookies that only need you to form a dough ball and insert it inside the oven.

However, cookies that especially need to be cut will not work if you use the drop cookie technique.

Jar ring

It’s okay if you don’t have any of the above things available to you at the moment. Just pick any jar, take out its ring, and use it as a cookie-cutter. Select the ring size you want for your cookie and cut it. Though your cookies will be round only, the taste will remain the same.


Whether you use your drinking glass or your regular knife, these substitutes will definitely save your day. Try all of these substitutes, and you will surely have a favorite by the end of the day. Now cutting the cookies will be more fun for you than baking them. So grab the items in your kitchen and start cutting the cookies. Round cookies- use a jar ring. Want to eat custom-designed cookies? A regular kitchen knife is sitting right there waiting for you to use it.

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