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How To Grease A Pan Without Spray?

Sometimes we get so involved in the baking process that we don’t realize certain things we’re missing. Like when you’ve come so far in the recipe and don’t have the cooking spray with you.

Now you start wondering how to grease a pan without spray? Luckily, there are alternatives to your cooking spray present right there in your kitchen. You just need to look around, and you’ll find them in minutes. Keep reading to know what these alternatives are.

·       Butter

Butter is found in every household kitchen. Some of the recipes specifically say to use butter to grease the pan. It is because the fatty cells present in the butter give a non-stick coating to the pan. So all you need to do is take a stick of butter then start rubbing it around the pan with your hands.

·       Vegetable oil

Most cooking sprays are made from vegetable oil, so it’s an obvious replacement for a cooking spray. Plus, it’s already present in your kitchen because you use it daily. Just take a paper towel and pour some vegetable oil into it. Then rub this paper towel around the corners of the pan to grease it.

·       Parchment paper

You grease your pan so that the cookies or cake don’t stick to the surface of the pan. So why use oil or cooking spray to grease it. Instead, use parchment paper as it has a non-stick surface and will protect your pan from any mess. Parchment paper is usually present in every kitchen, and if it’s not, you should buy it as it has many uses.

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If the recipe says that the whole pan needs to be greased, you need to cover all the sides and surfaces of the pan with enough parchment paper. For round pans, you can cut the paper in a circle, and for box pans, you can leave some parchment paper on two sides so that it’s easy for you to take out the baked item.

·       Bacon fat or lard

Yes, we know that not everyone has a jar of lard in their kitchen, and to get bacon fat, you’ll need bacon; that’s why we put it in the last. When you have any of these two options available, you can use them.

Lard is tasteless, so it can be used for any item you’re preparing. On the other hand, bacon fat is aromatic, salty, and meaty, so you should use it only when you want these flavors in your baked items.


The cooking spray has substitutes, and you can use them when you don’t have cooking spray near you to grease your pan. At least one of these substitutes is available in your kitchen, and you can use any of them to grease your pan. Now you don’t have to run to the grocery to get spray as you already have the option to grease your pan with a different thing. Look around, and they are right there in the kitchen!


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