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Whirlpool refrigerator led lights not working

As a kid, we always peep into the refrigerator while closing it to see if the light switches off. If you have kids, we bet that they do the same too. The led light present in the refrigerator allows us to see what things are present in the fridge and keep them healthy. But sometimes these lights can stop working suddenly.

You might be worried about why your Whirlpool led lights are not working. It can be because of various reasons, like leaving your refrigerator door open for a long time. Don’t get so worried because there are a bunch of ways that’ll help you fix the led lights of your refrigerator.


A whirlpool refrigerator is the best investment you can make for your kitchen. It helps you store extra food and beverages while keeping your groceries fresh and healthy. It’s also helpful for keeping pickles cool or letting that wine bottle chill.

It is expected for the led lights of the refrigerator to last as long as the fridge. But sometimes they stop working suddenly and you have to do some work. This problem can be easily solved with a few simple fixes.

Sabbat is a religious practice that’s crucial in many individuals’ lives. But, unfortunately, the refrigerator can’t do magic and shut itself automatically off. That’s why Whirlpool came up with an innovative idea to support people who follow Sabbath.

The Sabbath mode on the whirlpool refrigerators turns off all the lights in the refrigerator. This helps the individuals whose religious practices need them to turn the lights off for a specific period.

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The sabbath mode doesn’t affect the temperature of your refrigerator; it just switches off the lights. So you’ll see words like Saturday or Sabbath on the screen if you hit the sabbath mode by mistake.

Here’s how you can turn off the Sabbath mode:

Press and hold the “sabbath” button for 3 seconds, and then turn on the display.

You open the refrigerator door to take out your favorite ice cream. Unfortunately, you got so involved in the thought of enjoying this ice cream that you forgot to close the door. When the whirlpool refrigerator door is kept open for more than 10 minutes, it automatically turns its led lights off. It does this to save energy.

Always remember to keep the door of the refrigerator closed. If you keep it open often, this can wear out the led lights soon.

The location of the light switch depends on which model of Whirlpool you’re using. Usually, the light switch is located in the following places of the refrigerator:

The top right, the top left, in the front of the bottom-most glass shelf that faces down the floor. In most models, the switch will be in either of the four locations. If you still can’t find it, just follow the wires and see where the switch is. Switch it on if it’s off to get the light back.

Whirlpool provides a user help manual with every refrigerator. If you don’t have one simply look for one on their website. This will help you to find the light switch faster. If you see that the light switch has been broken, it might be because of the broken spring. This spring gets pressed when the door opens to turn on the light.

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The refrigerator light socket can be troubleshot in two ways if it’s not working. First, if you can reach from behind, check the power supply in the plug using a multimeter. If you notice no power, replace the faulty aspect restricting the power supply.

Well, if you can’t reach the wire from behind, replace it and check the power.

This process can take at least 2 hours of your time, so be free. Wiring fault means you’ll have to open the main power panel, which can eat a lot of your time and only need expert knowledge. If you have never done this before, get a technician to do this for you.

To get access to the led light and wiring, the panel part needs to be removed, which is present at the base of the fridge. This process can be hectic, so we advise you to hire a technician.

Just like some of your phone features like network or volume stop working, you do a quick reboot. Do the same with your refrigerator when its led lights stop working. Unplug the fridge and let it rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, plug it back on and check if the lights have returned.

Without getting to the hard part, like getting a technician or removing any fridge parts, you can simply replace the led light with a new one. You can easily get it from Whirlpool’s official website.

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