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How To Install Winflo Range Hood

Winflo Range hoods are a pocket-friendly option for budget buyers. They offer a wide variety of range hoods that will match any kitchen layout and aesthetics. However, these high-quality, durable range hoods will last for years.

Installing a winflo-range hood can be a tricky task. Therefore, please consult a professional or check out the instructions below to install the range hood easily.

Instructions To Install A Winflo Range Hood

Before starting the installation process, let us check the general requirements needed to complete the task.

General Requirements

1. Electrical Requirements

A 120 volt, 60 Hz AC-only, 15-amp, fused electrical circuit will be required to draw the current to the hood. In addition, wire sizes must match the requirements mentioned on the model or series of the hood. You can find these inscriptions on the plate behind the filters where you mount the hood to the wall.

2. Requirements for Ventilation

Range hoods need clean outdoor ventilation; it is not a problem in non-vented models. You should not install a range hood in a closed area.

Use screws and ducting tape to seal all the connections inside the vent. Buy a new damper as per the requirements; if you already have one on your roof, you can continue with the installation process.

Installation Process

The range hood will be installed into your ceiling, so please ensure the ceiling can hold the hood’s weight. All island range hoods must have proper support to stay where they are installed. Fix the screws properly to distribute the weight of the island range hood evenly.

  1. Start the installation by removing the given filters from the airflow flappers.
  2. Remove the plastic covers from the panels to the sensors if your model has any sensors.
  3. Mark the center of the ceiling where your range hood needs to be installed and trace out a 6″ to 8″ circle depending on the dimensions of your range hood.
  4. After marking the dimensions, cut out the markings on the wall using a jigsaw.
  5. Ensure there are no obstacles and the traced dimensions are cleanly cut out.
  6. Wooden or durable assist blocks must support the island hood.
  7. Place blocks in the junction points of the four facets.
  8. Use screws to fix the mounting block into the ceiling.
  9. The screws must go through the complete wooden support braces to get a strong fix.
  10. While screwing the assist braces, join them to the ceiling using additional screws.
  11. Install around the flexible ducts depending on the model requirements.
  12. Measure the distance between the range hood and the kitchen top.
  13. After the range hood motor is fixed and mounted to the hood, you should remove the covers or wraps of the plastic on it.
  14. Place the range hood under the assist frames and let the holes in the assist frame and holes in the range hood stay in a straight line.
  15. Detach the inner duct cover by removing the screws inside the duct, and you can find tongue and groove clips to maintain the stability of the motor.
  16.  The duct should be fixed properly between the mounting brackets, and the sides should be in contact with the ceiling bracket. Fix the assist block tightly.
  17. Get the two duct pieces fixed to each other, over the support frame brackets and the upper duct that were detached previously.
  18. Connect the bottom of the duct with the top of the range hood slot.
  19. Detach the filters, and from below the range hood, fix the screws into the wall by drilling holes. This will ensure the outer duct is fixed properly.
  20. Test the range hood if it is working properly, and you are done with installing your new range hood from Winflo.
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Cleaning and Maintenance

Many people clean their range hood the  wrong way, which can permanently damage the filters in the range hood; check out the right process below:


  1. Clean the top of your hood using a soft cloth or a sponge with soap or liquid detergent.
  2. Clean in the direction of grain or pattern always.
  3. Take a fresh and soft dry cloth to remove all the excess water and wipe it down smoothly.
  4. Let the hood rest for a few hours before using; this will ensure no water is left inside.


  1. Do not use steel or hard scrubs to clean; this might scratch down the paint and leave marks on the hood.
  2. Do not use bleaching agents because they might lead to corrosion.
  3. Do not put the filters into the dishwasher to clean.


Winflo Range hoods have great designs with high-quality materials that are best for the pricing. They are not overpriced. These are the best range of hoods on the market, with various models and designs to fit every kitchen’s layout.

You can install the range hood effortlessly by following the instructions mentioned above and in the manual. However, if you are looking for an affordable range hood, you should definitely try the range hood collection from winflo.


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