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Are Range Hoods Hard Wired?

Hardwiring is considered necessary for range hoods that do not end up coming with a pre-installed power cord. It basically implies that you’ll have to mechanically link it to your apartment’s power supply.

Hardwired and plug-in range hoods are both options. Hardwiring is not required if your hood happens to come with a plug.


When there isn’t a plug, it is hardwired. Hoods that somehow come with a plug could be hardwired, and hardwired hoods can indeed be made to plug in, depending entirely on the company’s standards.

Ductless range hoods, like ducted hoods, could be hardwired or plugged in. However, the layout of the range hood, whether that vents exhaust through ductwork to the surroundings of your home (ducted) or flows back air through a filter (ductless), is distinct from how this is powered.

Meanwhile, they are generally hardwired as a result of many ducted range hoods blocking the vent after configuration. Because ductless range hoods can be assembled anywhere while keeping the vent usable, trying to plug them in is simple and preferred.

Hardwired range hoods appear clean, and tidy and more organized. Whereas the dumpsters can fail, a perpetual wiring linkage is much more dependable.

Moreover, you may be unable to connect in your range hood because the outlet may be inaccessible after insertion, or an extension may be required to reach an outlet. Your range hood may have to be hardwired in such cases.

  • A wire cutter
  • Tape/wiretaps
  • Tester
  • Safety goggles
  • Whenever you aim to hardwire the hood, switch off the control circuit.
  • After turning off the power, take your range hood’s connector and split it an inch well before the end.
  • Check the wires with a tester to ensure there is no current and they are safe to handle. For example, your range hood may have multiple different colored cables that must be connected to the circuit’s identical wires.
  • Attach each wire to its corresponding equivalents and firmly weave the edges around each other.
  • Switch on the switchboard that powers your kitchen since the electrical work is finished. Your range hood has become prepared for use and testing.
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Range hoods can sometimes be hardwired or plugged in. This is also applicable to ducted and ductless range hoods. For your convenience, it is best to hire a specialist to do the hard wiring. A few little companies recommend professional installation to hardwire their range hoods.

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