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How To Connect Samsung Range Hood Bluetooth?

If your kitchen hood has Bluetooth capability, you can connect it with the appropriate brand of hood to activate a few capabilities.

You can operate the linked hood once your stovetop or range is linked to Smart home devices. When using your range or stove, you can switch the hood on and off remotely.


We’ll guide you through it if you’re experiencing trouble enabling them to connect.

These gadgets feature a technology that lets Bluetooth pairing between your vent and suitable Samsung cooktops. After activating this option, the hood fan will flip on at slower speeds whenever a cooktop attribute is turned on, and pair your hood with a suitable kitchen hood.

Additionally, after pairing the hood with a suitable stovetop, you can install the Samsung Smart Home app on a smartphone and enable it to:

  • Keep an eye on and manage the hood’s On/Off activity.
  • Focus on and manage the fan speed.
  • Take note and manage the lighting.
  • Use the scheduling buzzer to preset the hood shut-off timer.

1. Verify that your theory has a pairing hood and Bluetooth.

2. Set your cooktop or range in pairing mode before your hood.

3. Tap Bluetooth on the hood. Lights will start to flicker.

4. The Bluetooth button on gas variants with the adjustable control system is hidden behind the door handle

5. Bluetooth pairing will be available in styles with a Configuration or Options list.

If not, hold down the Smart Control and Child Lock buttons.

6. Include the stove top or range in SmartThings to regulate the hood.

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7. Make a customer request if you are ineligible to link. Then, contact their Help Desk to make a complaint if you’re still having trouble pairing your hood and cooktop.

  1. Push the hood’s Bluetooth icon. The Bluetooth button’s light will begin to flicker, and the connecting function will be initiated.
  • On the kitchen hood, push the Bluetooth toggle.
  • After linking is complete, the Bluetooth signal will remain on and be visible on the screen.
  1. For five seconds, press and hold the Bluetooth toggle on the hood.
  • The Bluetooth feature breaks off.

Once the hood and suitable Samsung stovetop have been connected, you may rapidly link them through Bluetooth using the Automatic Connectivity option. Click the Auto Connectivity icon to enable the feature. Then, push the Auto Connectivity key once again to end the process and separate the cooktop and hood.

If the hood and cooktop are integrated, turning on a stovetop feature will instantly cause the hood blower to switch on at moderate speed. Likewise, when the cooktop powers are turned off, the exhaust blower switches off promptly.

Additionally, you may manage the hood using the Samsung Smart Home application, as detailed below:

  1. To turn on the feature, hold down the Auto Connectivity feature.
  • The hood will operate similarly to the cooktop in fully automated on/off.
  • Press once more to turn off the feature.

We assume you now understand how to connect Bluetooth to your range hood. Using Bluetooth, the blower and lamps are naturally synced with the burners by Bluetooth functionality.

To operate the hood with the cooktop’s one-touch command and turn them on immediately for maximum kitchen ease, Auto Connectivity synchronizes the situation of the devices connected. If the methods listed here do not apply to your device, consult your operating instructions or the manufacturer’s website for customized instructions.

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