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Can parchment paper go in the oven, microwave, toaster oven, air fryer, freezer?

Parchment paper is found in everybody’s kitchen, and at one point, you must have found yourself scratching your head on this question- can parchment paper go in the oven, microwave, toaster oven, air fryer, freezer?

Of course, parchment paper can go in all of the above-mentioned things. You just need to be careful while using it in the air fryer.

Parchment paper is a basic commodity of every kitchen. Whether you want to line your baking sheets or just want to cover your delicious little treats to store in the refrigerator, parchment paper has many uses. But what makes people confused is where to use it. That’s the confusion we are here to clear. So keep reading to know more about parchment paper.

What is parchment paper?

Parchment paper is made from silicone coating, giving it properties like non-stickiness, grease-resistant, heat-resistant, and moisture-resistant. It is available in both bleached and unbleached forms. Its coating makes it a better choice than wax paper with a paraffin wax coating.

Parchment paper- Uses

Parchment paper comes in rolling sheets and pre-cut sheets. According to us, pre-cut parchment sheets are a better option. Let us look at how you can use parchment paper for different purposes.

  • You can line your cake pans or baking sheets with parchment paper. Lining baking sheets with parchment paper gives you the advantage of not greasing them, and also, you will not face any issues while taking your cookies off the paper.
  • You can prevent your baked treats from sticking together in the refrigerator by putting sheets of parchment paper between them. The parchment paper you used for baking can also be used here.
  • Parchment paper can be used as a piping bag that will prevent the flavored icing from leaking and lets you smoothly decorate your cookies or cakes.
  • Say goodbye to dirty kitchen slabs by placing parchment paper before starting the cooking process, and voila, the counter is clean.
  • Use parchment paper as a funnel to pour ingredients into your mixing bowl or jars with little openings.
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Can parchment paper go in the oven?

Most parchment paper brands mention the maximum temperature at which you can use parchment paper. So yes, parchment paper can go in the oven as long as you’re not overheating the oven. It is designed for cooking and baking purposes mainly.

It is made from silicone coating, which gives it a heat-resistant property. But while using it in the oven, you should follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer, whether it’s about the time or temperature. In some cases, when you leave parchment paper in the oven for too long, it can burn. So follow the guide before using it.

Never place parchment paper directly in the oven. Instead, place it in a cake or baking tin first, then place it in the oven.

Can you microwave parchment paper?

It is a common and logical concern about putting paper in the microwave. However, in the case of parchment paper, it is totally safe to use it in the microwave. Generally, papers are made from substances that are not heat-resistant, but parchment paper is no usual paper. Its silicone coating makes it too durable to survive in hot temperatures.

In temperatures not rising above 420° F, parchment paper will not get burnt. But while cooking oily and fatty foods, the temperature can go beyond that, so in that case, microwaving parchment paper will get it burnt.

Can parchment paper go in the toaster oven?

Toaster ovens are small ovens in which you can bake, heat, or toast food. If you’re worried about whether or not you can use parchment paper in the oven, don’t worry; you can safely use it in the toaster oven. Its non-stick and heat-resistant properties make it a great fit to use in the toaster oven.

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If you leave parchment paper in the toaster oven for too long, it can get dry and even burn your food.

Can you put parchment paper in an air fryer?

If you’re being careful enough, then yes, you can put parchment paper in the air fryer.

Just follow these simple tips, and you can safely use them in the air fryer.

  1. Check the maximum temperature mentioned in the manufacturer’s instruction.
  2. Make sure you’re using parchment paper, not wax paper.
  3. Do not put oversized parchment paper in the air fryer basket. Instead, measure the size and cut accordingly.
  4. Do not try to do everything on your own. Instead, follow exactly what the instructions say.

Can parchment paper go in the freezer?

As we told you above, parchment paper has non-stick and moisture-resistant properties, so you can absolutely use it in the freezer. In addition, you can use it to protect a range of food items. Not only protecting, but parchment paper also helps prevent items from sticking together like cookies or fish cakes.

The only drawback of using parchment paper in the freezer is that you’ll have to stick it with tape or something like that. Also, parchment paper does not stick to itself like foil paper, so when you wrap your food items, you’ll have to secure the paper with something so that the food doesn’t fall off.

To provide extra protection, wrap your food in a layer of parchment paper, seal with tape, and wrap an aluminum foil layer above it. This makes sure your food is safe inside.

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The conclusion arises that parchment paper can safely go in the oven, microwave, toaster oven, air fryer, and freezer. Its silicone coating is responsible for all these facilities as it gives it a non-stick, heat-resistant, grease-resistant, and moisture-resistant surface. No more worrying about baking your cookies or storing them in the freezer with parchment paper as your delicious treats are in safe hands.

There’s only one rule to make the best use of parchment paper: following all the instructions given on the packaging.


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