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What Does Convertible Range Hood Mean?

A convertible hood is usually a ducted hood that can be changed to ductless with the help of a recirculating kit—the best option to serve both purposes.

Convertible range hoods can work with and without a duct system; thus, they are the most adaptable and convenient option since they have fans that can be used with a ducted system and charcoal filtration as a ductless hood.


A convertible range hood frequently includes combustion on both the top and back of the hood.

Almost all convertible range hoods include an aluminum charcoal filter, which aids in air filtering to remove and thus reduce bad odors.

As a result, the hoods are designed to use these charcoal filters, which are most common when your kitchen is not vented.

Consider the mounting design, hood dimensions, and blower force, usually measured in cubic feet per minute, when shopping for a range hood (CFM). CFMs of 300 to 500 are typical for elevated housing range hoods.

However, some convertible range hoods may have additional expenses. So while deciding which particular style of range hood is highly recommended for a kitchen, the price can be an important consideration.

Most people choose them as ducted hoods, but in case of need, they can be converted to the ductless hood. You might need to purchase an upgrade kit for some models. Because of their dual functionality, the price is higher than the ducted and ductless models.

Some range hoods are promoted as adjustable and appear to be of great value initially. However, the purchase price of the replacement parts must be considered, as they are frequently required to be bought individually.

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While using the range hood as a pressure circulator, users must consider buying charcoal filters that must be replaced promptly. Before settling on a range hood that appears to be within a budget, it is critical to investigate the costs of these additional components.

Convertible range hoods provide greater versatility for long-term kitchen investments.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation but need to consider replacing your range hood immediately, a convertible method is an efficient choice. Also, they’re a nice alternative if you don’t already have ductwork.

They enable users to use their kitchen range hood as a recirculating filter system before upgrading to a much more prominent vented system. In addition, the range hood vent will serve you well if you relocate your stove to an interior wall and cannot install a ventilation system.

A convertible range hood is available in a variety of sizes. Choose the one which fits in your budget.

Experts advise that if you have enough space, you should buy one size bigger or greater, and it often has more design aesthetic options than normal ductless variants.

A convertible range hood can indeed be assembled in as little as 10-20 minutes.

Many such electronic controls produce a spectacular display that is simple and easy to use. This is combined with the very sophisticated appearance that it provides.

This high ventilation power is extremely useful in removing odors, fumes, and humidity.

Most convertible range hoods have a unique look and an absolutely gorgeous visual appeal from all inclination angles.

A significant proportion of convertible range hoods also includes halogen lights, essential for preparing meals and snacking at night. This provides transparency while still illuminating your cooktop and surrounding areas.

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A convertible range hood can be programmed to turn off after a certain time.

Most of these range hoods allow air circulation or exterior venting. But with a convertible model, you can use the hood for the recirculating filter system.

It’s best to use if your stove is placed on an interior wall, where insertion of a ducting system is not possible.

It is an optional feature found on the majority of convertible hoods. One can easily control the airflow, illumination, speed, etc., with the remote from anywhere in your kitchen.

The most recent adjustable range hood comprises stainless steel materials to keep steam, fumes, and kitchen exhaust from sticking around the house.

Ducted Range Hood Convertible Range Hood
  Ductwork is always included with a range hood.   A convertible range hood is originally ductless
  Can convert ducted to ductless range hoods   Convertible range hoods combine the best features of both ducted and ductless
  Not cost-effective   Cost-effective
  • If you buy a recirculation kit and a charcoal filter, you can convert the hood to ductless.
  • Such hoods are ducted range hoods with an air recirculating package that flawlessly converts them to ductless hoods.
  • So, if you really need a cost-effective ducted range hood and don’t want to invest additional money on ducting right now, you could consider installing a convertible range hood.
  • You can use it like a ductless hood unless you’re fully prepared for the next transition stage of your kitchen remodeling.

Microwaves with adjustable vents exhaust air from the outside. Also, modular microwave ovens can be transformed into a convection system with productivity and quality. This indicates that the microwave is accessible from within or back of your kitchen.

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Such microwaves can switch between exterior and recirculating airflow. However, due to building regulations, most advanced built-in microwaves have only a ducted range hood.

Attempting to compare microwave grips and pressing buttons, the model with fewer moving parts should have very few problems in the long run, and the convertible vent system has elevated fans for faster ventilation.

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