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Can You Bake Cookies On Wax Paper?

Anybody working in the kitchen for the first time always gets overwhelmed by the number of things available. You might have worked in the kitchen before, but if it’s your first time baking cookies, then you must be thinking,

Can you bake cookies on wax paper? Sadly, you cannot bake cookies using wax paper but you can use it instead to store cookies. This is because wax paper can get melt while baking the cookies.


We all get this urge to try something new, like trying a funky outfit or cooking something in the kitchen. If you’re cooking for the first time, then there are chances you’ll get confused between a lot of things like wax paper and parchment paper. Both look very similar and have a lot in common but not everything. Let’s see more about these terms.

Wax paper is made from a coating of paraffin wax. Chill, this wax coating is safe for your food items. This layer of paraffin wax provides a non-stick and moisture-resistant surface which is great for wrapping your delicious treats. People often confuse wax paper with parchment paper. Despite having similar qualities, these two are very different from each other.

Parchment paper is made from a coating of silicone, making it non-stick and moisture-resistant. It is also heat-resistant, whereas wax paper is not. It is used for baking as well as cooking purposes. You can use parchment paper in place of wax paper no matter where you use it.

If anyone ever puts this on your mind that you can bake cookies on wax paper, they give you the wrong information. There are a number of reasons you can’t bake cookies or anything else on wax paper. Why?

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First of all, wax paper is made from a coating of paraffin wax, which is not heat-resistant. Once the wax paper gets to a temperature higher than room temperature, the wax starts to melt. As the wax melts, there’s only paper left, and it will catch fire.

Secondly, where will the melted wax go? It will go straight into your cookies and make them full of wax. And we think you wanted delicious cookies, not wax cookies. The paper burning will also make your cookies burnt.

Parchment paper is made from silicone coating, making it a great heat-resistant material for up to 420° F. You can safely use it in the oven to bake cookies perfectly. There’s nothing to worry about your cookies getting filled with wax or burnt.

Not only is parchment paper useful while baking cookies, but you can also use it before and after baking too. Before baking, you can roll the cookie dough by covering it between two sheets of parchment paper. This way, the cookie dough will not stick on the rolling pin or the rolling board. After you bake the cookies, parchment paper helps remove the baked cookies easily.

While parchment paper is a basic thing found in everybody’s kitchen, people often run out of it and do not realize it until it’s time to bake something. Of course, you can get it from the market if you have time, but you can always use these alternatives to save your day when you don’t have one. However, wax paper is not a good choice here.

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Silicone baking mats, also known as baking sheets, can be used as an alternative when you don’t have parchment paper. They can bake cookies just like parchment paper, but the cost will be a little high. The cost may be high, but there are benefits too. You can use it several times, and it can last for years.

If you don’t want to spend so much baking cookies, cookie sheets are always there. But to use them for baking cookies, you have to grease them first with oil so that cookies don’t get stuck to the pan. Of course, if you’re making cookies that are non-stick on their own, like chocolate cookies, then there’s no need to grease it.

In the end, we can say that you should not take the risk of baking cookies with wax paper. After all, you don’t want to ruin all your hard work with one wrong choice. If you have already made the cookie dough and are now looking for something to bake it, use parchment paper instead. This should be your first choice. If there’s no parchment paper available somehow, then cookie sheets or baking sheets are a good choice.

No matter what you use, just don’t use wax paper even by mistake.



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