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Can You Broil On Parchment Paper?

You must be thinking parchment paper is heat resistant, so can you broil on parchment paper? Parchment paper is heat resistant, not flame resistant. It will catch fire immediately, and you cannot imagine how big it can get. So you can never use parchment paper for broiling.

The broiler is used for high heat cooking methods. It is very much similar to grilling, but only one side of food is focused at a time in a broiler. On the other side, parchment paper is a silicone-coated paper used a lot in cooking and baking. It is heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, grease-resistant, and non-stick. These features make it a perfect fit for an oven. But what happens if you use parchment paper in the boiler?

Can you broil on parchment paper?

Parchment paper might be heat-resistant, but it is not flame-resistant. The moment you put parchment paper on a broiler, it can immediately catch fire. It is made to survive at a maximum temperature of 450° F, and the temperature is far more than that in a broiler. If you use parchment paper for broiling, your food will get burnt before even the broiling process starts. So you shouldn’t use parchment paper on a broiler.

What to use for broiling?

Get that thought out of your mind that you can use parchment paper for broiling. You should use aluminum foil for broiling. It’s safe, durable, and will not catch fire while you put it on the broiler. You can rest assured that your food is getting cooked safely on top of aluminum foil.

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Tip: Spray cooking spray on the boiler tray so that the aluminum foil doesn’t stick on the tray, and you can easily remove it when your food is prepared.

If you don’t want your broiler pan to get dirty, you can always purchase an aluminum foil pan from the market. You can reuse it if you want to or throw it if it looks dirty. Using an aluminum foil pan gives you the advantage of not cleaning after the broiling is done.

Things to remember while broiling

  • Only use those sheets or cookware that clearly says “oven-safe”.
  • Remove any decorative handles made from wood or plastic from your cookware before putting them inside the broiler.
  • Never use parchment paper for broiling.
  • Do not put cheese, cold meat, fresh herbs, or large pieces of meat inside a broiler.


If you’re excited to use a broiler, then do not use parchment paper for broiling in excitement. It is only heat-resistant, not flame-proof. It will catch fire the moment you put it in a broiler. Instead, use aluminum foil or aluminum pans for broiling as it is safe to use and will not catch fire. You can use cooking spray on your broiler tray (if it comes with your oven) to prevent the foil from sticking. These little tips will help you cook your food without spoiling it or burning it.



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