Can You Drink Evaporated Milk?

Can You Drink Evaporated Milk?

Evaporated milk is available in cans in many grocery stores, and you can make it at home. But can you drink evaporated milk?

Sure many recipes require evaporated milk, but is it ok to drink it like regular milk? Yes, it’s absolutely fine and possible to drink evaporated milk. However, some prefer to drink it directly from the can or container, while others prefer to drink it after mixing with water. Read further to know more about evaporated milk.

What is evaporated milk?

Evaporated milk is not that term you hear in your daily life. Instead, some people think that evaporated milk is like evaporated water. But if it’s like that, how could you possibly drink a gaseous form? So, to remove confusion like this, we would like to tell you that evaporated milk is different from evaporated water.

Evaporated milk means cow milk whose 60% water capacity has been evaporated. The milk left is packaged and sold in cans or tetra packs to give it a long life than its usual one.

There are various varieties of evaporated milk to replace traditional milk, such as lactose-free, low-fat, or organic. Evaporated milk can be made easily from both skim and whole milk. It is homogenized, so cream and water are not separated and keep the milk fat combined.

Evaporated milk is sterilized too to prevent bacterial growth or contamination. Packages available in the market are good even without refrigeration unless opened or the seal is broken.

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Can you drink evaporated milk?

When you buy evaporated milk can, you must think about drinking it directly from the can. It’s one of the first thoughts that come to every person’s mind. But, let us tell you that condensed milk is thick, so drinking it directly from the can might not be as pleasurable as drinking regular milk. However, you can shake the can before drinking it by making a small and covering it.

If you want to drink evaporated milk just like regular milk, you need to mix it with water. Evaporated milk is regular milk, but with the water removed, it’s so thick. Some people don’t prefer thick consistency and if you’re one of them, simply add water to your evaporated milk. An equal quantity of water and milk would be great, but you can add or less any one of them; it’s your choice.

What’s the use of evaporated milk?

Being a versatile product, evaporated milk is used in many recipes. Here are some of the common ways evaporated milk can be used.

  1. Ice cream making
  2. Drinking
  3. Bringing the creamy consistency to hot recipes like sauces.
  4. Intensifying drinks like coffee and smoothies.
  5. Baking
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Can evaporated milk be turned into regular milk?

If you don’t like the taste of evaporated milk or it’s too thick for you to drink it, you can always convert it into regular milk. It’s easy to say, and it’s easy to do so. Just add water, and your evaporated milk will convert into regular milk.

Evaporated milk is nothing but regular milk without water. So you can restore your regular milk by adding water to the evaporated one and get a taste like the original one.

Most of the brands instruct on converting the evaporated milk into a regular one by telling the exact quantity of water so that you can easily use it like regular milk.

If you don’t know what amount of water to pour z, you should apply the common rule. The rule states that mixing an equal quantity of water with the evaporated milk will give you almost the same consistency as whole milk.

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Can evaporated milk be used to eat cereal?

Yes, it’s very common to use evaporated milk to eat your cereal. Plus, if you still haven’t gotten the hang of the milk and water ratio for evaporated milk, you can always experiment with a bowl of cereal. Even if you put in a little more water, the taste of the cereal will cover up the uneven taste of the milk.

Don’t do the process of converting into regular milk directly in the bowl of cereal. Instead, mix the water and milk in a separate glass first, then add it to the cereal.


It’s not forbidden to drink evaporated milk. You can drink it just like your regular milk can or bottle.

Remember, the consistency of evaporated milk is thick, and not many people like it. So to make the thick consistency light, you can add water according to your preference and drink it. Also, evaporated milk lasts much longer than regular milk, so you’ll be saving your money if you choose evaporated milk cans.

It’s normally found in the baking aisle section as it’s usually used in baking recipes.



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