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How High Should Range Hood Be?

A range hood is one of the essential kitchen appliances. It comprises a ventilating space and an air exhaust motor that pulls out the contaminated air and smoke produced in the kitchen while cooking. The range hood keeps the air in the kitchen clean by trapping and excluding polluted air outside, making the cooking process much easier.

Indoor hoods must be mounted between 28-36 inches above the cooktop and 36-42 inches for outdoor hoods. The standard range hood height for a gas or electric range is 27 to 35 inches from the cooktop, where the minimum height is 28 inches.

If you keep it below that, it might get damaged soon, and if you go beyond the upper limit, it won’t work effectively. It is the same for all sorts of range hoods, including wall mounted, island range hoods, and range hood inserts.

One of the great things about range hoods is that they filter out the airborne lubricants or grease before it settles everywhere and causes major headaches and frustration during cleanup. In addition, range hoods make cleaning convenient and easy. Thus, having one is better than scrubbing kitchen surfaces for hours.

Most models come with a recommendation of installing them at 20-25 inches above your kitchen range. But we suggest going for at least 28 inches per various reviews.

How High Should A Hood Be Above A Stove?

Most installations require at least a space of 20 to 24 inches between the hood’s bottom and the cooking surface. In case of a gas range, you can keep this space between 24 to 30 inches; read the installation manual before doing so. However, never install your range hood lower than the recommended height.

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This is because the minimum height limit is determined by periodic safety tests, as opposed to the upper limit, which is solely based on performance. Therefore, a range hood installed too low will be inefficient and potentially dangerous for long-term use.

Certainly, you would never want the range hood to get in the way of your movement around the stove, nor do you want to be constantly concerned about bumping your head on the range hood while cooking.

Most people also prefer that the range hood be installed above your vision level. However, one should install it properly to avoid working in uncomfortable positions that might affect their health.

Also, for properly working the hood, it’s vital to install it at the recommended height. Suppose you are unsure of doing it yourself. In that case, it’s better to avail of professional help since the installation should be perfect initially to avoid any issues later on.

The height is determined by several factors, including the type of hood you want and the height of your kitchen ceiling.

Range Hood Height Above Gas Stove

Choose a height of 25 to 30 inches for cooktops or gas stoves. Installing the hood any lower may result in a fire. According to Rangecraft, installing the hood higher – whether gas or electric – can reduce its effectiveness.

Height of your stove, ceiling height, the elevation of cabinets, etc., contribute to determining the ideal height of the range hood.

A 30-inch hood is sufficient for 30 inches wide gas top and mostly is of that size only. But ensure the CFM is at least 100 because the ideal CFM is 250.

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For example, in case of a 36-inch range, you will need a 36-inch hood with a recommended CFM of 300, or you can choose a 48-inch range. However, getting too close to your range hood may be dangerous and catch fire since a gas stove gives rise to flames.

When you cook on gas, the cooktop will also heat it. A maximum distance of 80 centimeters is advised. If you hang the hood higher, it may be unable to suck away all of the cooking fumes.

How high should a vent hood be over the stove?

Most installations necessitate a space of 20″ to 24″ between the base of the hood and the stove area. Except as otherwise specified, this distance is between 24″ and 30″ more than a gas range.

It is really important to determine the ideal installation height of the range hood; you may be wondering where you should put your vent hood. It is positioned above a stove.

Mounting brackets are included with most range hoods and are simple to install. Simply fasten screws through the holes in the bracket, leaving about ¼ of space between them. This is the location of your hood.

However, a vent hood can be mounted in three locations in your kitchen: on the wall, over your kitchen island, or under your kitchen cabinets. For example, wall and under-cabinet hoods are usually vented horizontally or vertically, whereas islands are vented through the ceiling.


When determining the installation height for a range hood, consider your comfort while cooking as the most important factor.

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