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Can a Food Processor Make Smoothies?

Smoothies are easily packed with all the nutrition you need to start your day. They are best for people who like to have breakfast in a rush. The choices are versatile; you can make them with fruits, veggies, nuts, and a liquid base.

You can create a blend that is just as unique as you to start your day using a food processor. Then, use the multi-purpose or the s blade in the food processor to blend the ingredients to make the smoothie. The ingredient combinations are endless, and you have a different smoothie for breakfast every day.


As we said already, the ingredient combo choices are infinite. You can add anything from kale to blueberries into the food processor to make the smoothie. While adding the ingredients inside the blending jar, leave enough space for the ingredients to move around the blade. So this will give you the smoothest purée. You can add soft ingredients like spinach and small berries directly into the blending jar. Chop ingredients that are a little hard on the blade to avoid mess.

Usually, greens like baby spinach or kale will have so much cellulose, making them a little tough to grind into a smooth paste. So adding them first will be a wise choice. After that, you can add any greens you like, even the sprouted seeds.

If you use two or three different varieties of fruits, chop them and mix them up in a separate bowl. So it gets a proper mix, and the flavors are even. Then add the mixed fruits into the blending jar. You can add fresh fruits, but frozen fruits will give you an excellent and thick consistency. With even busts, mix the fruits and pulse for even consistency.

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After the fruits are blended thick, it is time to add the supplements. If you are using supplement powers like whey protein or collagen boosters, this is the ideal step to add them. You can add soaked oats, chia seeds, or smoothie bowls if you do not use any of these. You can also add any extra flavoring substances like syrups etc., in this step and mix it every time you add a new ingredient.

At this point, you can add sweetening agents like sugar syrups, honey, or any other artificial sweetening agents. Keep a proper check on the sugar levels because fruits will already have sugars in them, so add according to them. The most commonly used ones are honey, but you can switch dates for a healthier option. Mix properly so the sweetness is evenly spread throughout the thick smoothie.

This step is optional for people who dislike cold smoothies or avoid ice in drinks, so it will not get diluted; skip this step. For those who love ice, add some crushed ice and give a mix for beautiful texture and refreshment.

Depending on the smoothie’s consistency, add a liquid base of your choice. For example, you can add cold milk or Greek yogurt for the creaminess. If you are lactose intolerant, go for tender coconut water or non-dairy milk like almond milk, etc. if you have leftover chopped fruits add them to the top.

As this smoothie is made in a food processor, consider removing the blade before pouring the smoothie into a glass. This will make it easy for you to scrape the base of the blending jar with a rubber spatula. If your smoothie is thick and you do not want to add any liquid, you can make it a smoothie bowl. Top it with a spoon of honey and nuts, and enjoy.

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If you are looking for the best and yummy smoothie combinations, check out these top picks from us:

  1. Frozen banana and spinach smoothie

Everybody loves this best and yummiest combo, so give it a try!

2. Pineapple and tender coconut bowl

If you are looking for some tropical flavors to start your day with, go with this color combo.

3. Blueberry and Greek yogurt smoothie

Yet another, almost like a smoothie combo to try at home.

Many people love to have smoothies for breakfast because they are easy to consume; you can have them while you are getting ready. Try these easy steps to have the yummiest breakfasts. If your smoothie is a little thick, just add water and drink it or eat it as a smoothie bowl.


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