Ninja blender stuck on base

Ninja Blenders have been very popular since the day they were launched. It’s maybe because of their longer service life or awesome juicing performance. In addition, they have sharp blades that can perform various functions, including blending, chopping, and grinding. But it’s a machine, so the occurrence of problems is natural.

Problems like ninja blender stuck on base are very common. It’s stuck when you can’t separate the pitcher and the base. It might be because of various reasons like the locks jammed or because of corrosion.

Why is ninja blender stuck on base?

Ninja blender is a house of many parts like blades, jar base, jar, and housing. The blender jar sits on top of the jar base, storing the motor. There can be a variety of reasons why you’re not able to remove your ninja blender jar from the base.

  1. There’s a notch that locks the jar to the base. So the common reason is that the notch is stuck and preventing your ninja blender from getting separated.
  2. Another reason can be that the grinder is stuck at the base. This can be because of the leaking seal. When you blend juices or food, the salty water or juice trickles through the bearings, leading to corrosion and jar jam.
  3. The sharp blades of the Ninja Blender are responsible for doing all the work. So during the process, gummy and food can get stuck to their base. This means the jar gets stuck to the jar base.
  4. Even if food is not stuck to the blades, there are gear seals in the blades assembly that can get damaged. This causes the jar to get stuck to the base.
  5. The food particles can get stuck to the jar base, especially on the seal present at the bottom. When these stuck particles are ignored for a long time, the jar gets stuck tightly to the base.

How to release the ninja blender from the base?

It’s common for ninja blender to get stuck to the base because of the aforementioned reasons. There are many reasons for the blender getting stuck; there are many ways to release the ninja blender from the base.

Properly unscrew the bottom of the blender

Most of the manufacturer’s instructions are to unscrew the jar clockwise. First, check properly if you’re unscrewing it the right way. If unscrewing one way doesn’t work, you should try unscrewing it the other way.

Keep your hands dry to get a good grip instead of slippage. Wet or oily hands can either harm your blender or injure you badly.

Make use of dishwasher liquid

If the blender jar is still stuck to the base even after opening it in the right direction, it’s time to use a lubricant. Lubricants like dishwasher liquid can help you remove the jar from the base. But firstly, make sure you’ve completely unplugged the blender from the electric socket.

No matter what brand of dishwasher liquid you use, you’ll have to dilute it with water first. If your blended food item is present in the jar, remove all of it using a spoon or whichever you find comfortable to use. Then pour the diluted dishwasher liquid into the jar.

Plug the blender and switch it on. Let the liquid roam inside for a few seconds. Then, switch it off and let the dishwasher liquid sit inside the jar for a couple of hours. Doing this can help the pitcher separate from the base very easily.

Use hot water

Hot water helps in removing cough from our body and helps in removing the blender jar from the base. The little heating-up process for the blender can actually help it get unstuck.

  1. Unplug the ninja blender, pour some hot water, and run the blender for 30-40 seconds.
  2. You should also rotate the blender’s base around after switching it off, as you don’t know what’s causing the jam.
  3. Remove all the water and let it dry.
  4. Try unscrewing the jar again, and you’ll be able to remove it.

Fix blade assembly

This will be done only after you’ve successfully removed the jar from the base using any of the above methods or combined them. Unscrew the blade assembly and check it closely to find any food particles stuck on or under it. Check if the seal’s broken or not.

If you see any particles stuck, wash them under running water in the sink. Use soap and water to remove even the tiniest particles on the blade assembly.

If you notice that the seal of your blade assembly is damaged, you’ll have to buy a new blender blade assembly. If it’s still under warranty period, get it fixed.

Inspect the bottom base

If all is good until now, you have removed the jar from the base and there’s no food stuck on the blade assembly. It’s time to inspect the bottom base where the motor is present. If you see any damage to the base or the locking mechanism, you’ll have to replace it.



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