Is Fiestaware Oven Safe?

When you have a packed schedule, the oven becomes your best friend. Just a few minutes, and you can enjoy your hot food coming from the oven. But apart from food, you’ll need an oven-safe dish to put food on. You might have purchased Fiestaware and thinking about using it in the oven.

Is Fiestaware oven-safe? You might be thinking about this question over and over again. As per Fiestaware’s official website, you can safely use their dinnerware and bakeware in the oven. However, you should never put their dishes directly over or under the flame.

Can Fiestaware go in the oven?

Fiestaware has made cooking easy for you by making its dishes oven safe. So yes, Fiestaware can absolutely go in the oven. In addition, their material is tough and durable, so it’s a good investment for your kitchen.

Food heating becomes hassle-free with Fiestaware. All of the Fiestaware dishes are oven as well as microwave safe. In addition, they are lead and uranium free. That means they are not radioactive like old Fiestaware.

Fiestaware dinnerware can be put in the oven for up to 350 degrees, while the bakeware can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. You can use Fiestaware dishes from freezer to oven, oven to table, and table to the kitchen sink.

History of Fiestaware

Fiestaware was first introduced in 1936. It’s a line of ceramic-coated dishes and is also known as “Fiesta”. Homer Laughlin China is a company that manufactures Fiestaware. They have been in the dish-making business since 1871.

Dishes with an HLC stamp are manufactured in America. Most Fiestaware dishes are made in America at their Newell, West Virginia plant.

Federick Hurten Rhead, the art director of Homer Laughlin, designs the glazes and shapes of Fiestaware. He designs durable dishes. As a result, Fiestware’s serving wares are quite different from other serving wares. Do you know why?

Their appealing coatings come in different colors like turquoise, red, blue, yellow, old ivory, and green. Fiestaware continues to become a leading dinnerware company in America by introducing a new color each year.

Is Fiestaware radioactive or contains lead?

Before World War II, old Fiestaware was made with the help of radioactive coatings. Especially their red pottery had high radioactive. It consists of Uranium Oxide. However, Uranium Oxide has put an end to use by the manufacturer in 1943 due to its use in making weapons.

Homer Laughlin started using a red coating (which contains depleted uranium) in 1950. Uranium oxide was completely terminated in 1972. Afterward, Fiestaware started making all its dishes non-radioactive.

Now it’s easy for you to buy Fiestaware in any color of your choice from the rainbow. Unfortunately, modern colors don’t resemble old Fiestaware. Hence, no modern Fiestaware contains lead or is radioactive.

Will putting Fiestaware in the oven make it hot?

It depends on what food you’re heating on the Fiestaware in the oven. It also relies on how much food you’re putting into your dish. If you notice your Fiestaware getting hot by putting it in the oven, the heat from the hot food is transferred to the dish. It doesn’t get hot if you put it in the oven empty.

Why are there grey spots on Fiestaware?

It’s common to notice some grey spots on your fiesta dinnerware if it’s lightly glazed. Grey spots on your dishes don’t mean a problem with the dish quality. Instead, they occur when the metal flatware encounters glazes that are harder compounds than the metal itself.

Glazes can look and feel smooth, but the marks get collected in the microscopic divots when the flatware moves over them. These marks look like pencil marks, and some misconsider it for scratches, but that brings no damage to the pottery or glaze.

How to remove these grey spots?

If you notice any grey spots on your Fiestaware, you can easily remove them by using easily available products in many stores. These products include Zud, porcelain cleaners, and Bar Keepers Friend. In addition, Fiestaware’s official website recommends using Wrights Copper Cleaner to remove the stains.

How to avoid scratch marks on Fiestaware?

Dark glazes Fiestaware can get scratch marks due to storing together. When you store different Fiestaware together, they clank together and sometimes get scratches. To avoid such scratch marks, you should use paper plate dividers, felt, or paper towels between your dishes.

How to remove tea or coffee stains?

It looks good to drink coffee or tea in those shiny Fiestaware cups, but this enjoyment leaves a stain behind. It’s basic human nature to leave the dishes in the kitchen sink for hours before we decide to wash them. This makes the stain stay on the dishes and makes it harder for you to remove it.

It’s harder, not impossible, to remove these stains. Let the dish with coffee or tea stain soak in water and a little dishwasher soap. After this, wash them as you would normally do. If the stain still stays, use one of the above products to remove it.


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