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Top 10 Best Omega Juicers (2024)

Having a refreshing glass of juice is the best solution to get recharged after a tiring day. Juices are packed with electrolytes that charge your energy and make you feel amazing, energetic and refreshed. 

Fresh juices are even more healthy since they don’t contain additives and preservatives that take away some of that liquid goodness of the fruits and vegetables. But choosing the right type of machine for making your favorite fruit or vegetable juice might seem like a daunting task. 

Juices can vary based on the type of fruit or vegetable you’re juicing and so, picking the right juicer goes a long way – and Omega has got the right appliance for you. 

We will help you choose the best Omega juicer that is a bang-for-buck machine which goes considerably light on your pocket and gives great results. 

Benefits of Using Omega Juicers

Mentioned below are some of the advantages that come with the purchase of an Omega juicer.

Health Benefits:

Omega juicers are the ideal appliances for juicing fruit, vegetables and your greens. They are built to extract all the nutrients from the produce and give you the best of the best. 

The slow working speed works to derive the crucial vitamins, nutrients and enzymes from your staples. 

Boosts Your Immunity:

Your regular use of the Omega juicer will aid in providing a boost to your immunity and maintain your comprehensive health. The in-depth extraction of all nutrients from your produce will help give a rush your immunity needs and a long-term benefit to your health. 

Lack of Waste:

It is said that 30-40% waste is produced in the average family home. This is a statistic that is much in contrast to the waste produced if you utilize an Omega juicer. 

These juicers not only extract all essential nutrients from the produce, but also from the parts that would be tossed away and wasted.

Our Top 10 Best Omega Juicers

After extensive research, we have accumulated some of the best Omega juicers out there. Falling around the 9-star range, these juicers have all the qualities you may be looking for and are perfect for you. 

1. Omega MMV700S Mega Mouth Low-Speed Juicer

What We Liked

  • Larger produce shoot than most juicers
  • Allows the juice to have a 3-day shelf life
  • Compact build that is easy to store away
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silent operation
  • Decreased speeds allow maximum output and mineral content
  • Minimum oxidation levels

What We Didn’t Like

  • A little more expensive than usual
  • Omega juicers are much slower

Omega MMV700S was awarded the 5th best Omega juicer and is a people favorite for the wonderful qualities and versatile use you get with this product. 

It is said to be inspired by the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer and Whole Slow Juicer Elite. It is combined with the best qualities of both and results in an amazing product.

Some of the wonderful qualities include a larger than average produce shoot that allows you to process more than ever.

It extracts the most out of all produce which allows the organic juice to have a 3-day shelf life. 

The Omega MMV700S is a compact build appliance that is easy to store away and is dishwasher safe. In addition, the whole process of juicing is a very silent work, you’ll barely know there is a machine at work!

This juicer is highly effective at extrapolating the nutrients from your produce with minute oxidation because of the decreased RPM.

Although you will have to open up the purse strings a little more for this appliance, the 10 years’ warranty for household use and commercial warranty of a year makes the price well worth it.  

2. Omega NC900HDC Slow Masticating Juicer

What We Liked

  • 5 varying mouths produce an increased juice output
  • Silent operation
  • 8 times stronger ultem auger
  • Works to grind hard produce like nuts as well
  • Comes with a 15-year warranty
  • Masticating juicers extract the most out of your produce

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not work as well with soft produce
  • Masticating juicers are much slower

The Omega NC900HDC is built to provide different levels of masticating encounters with its amiable qualities. 

It comes with 5 different adjustable mouths to heighten your experience and offer increased juice production. 

There are silent but impressive motors working on a dual juice extraction technology and an ultem auger that is 8 times stronger than several other juicers out there.

There is a versatile supplement interior that is not exclusive to only fruits and vegetables but grinding coffee, juicing hard shell nuts and food processing.

Not only is this equipment a pleasure to look at and have in your kitchen, it has a 15-year warranty that ensures you’re backed up in case of a breakdown.

All in all, the pros heavily outweigh the cons and you get this appliance that works to offer you the best of the product you’re juicing. It extracts all the essential nutrients and gives you the boost you need. 

This juicer is a little more cumbersome than your average juicer.

If you’re looking to juice soft produce, this may not be the appliance for you.

3.Omega CNC80S Compact Slow Speed Juicer

What We Liked

  • Large spout for product placement
  • Minimal oxidation due to low RPM with maximum output
  • Acts as a food processor as well as a coffee grinder
  • Compact build allows for easy storage
  • Silent operation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use

What We Didn’t Like

  • Although large, the feeding spout is narrower
  • Only part that is BPA is the part that touches the produce
  • Masticating juicers are slower in work that other juicers

The Omega CNC80S was awarded the 6th best masticating juicer and 5th best juicer for celery, being an affordable and reliable piece of machinery. 

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There is a larger than average spout to feed your produce through and the decreased speed enhances the minute oxidation of the final product.

The tilted masticating juicers produce an increased yield of juice which has a 3-day shelf life. 

The juicer is also very versatile, not only limited to fruits and vegetables but acts as a food processor and coffee grinder among other things.

The machinery is very sleek looking, set to look wonderful in your kitchen. If not, the condensed build of the machine allows you to store it away and not consume any additional space.

Omega CNC80S is another silent working appliance that is also dishwasher safe, making it all the easier for you to make your choice. 

The working of the juicer isn’t hard; it is pretty user-friendly; only 7-9 steps from purchase to your first of many juices. 

The feed chute is narrower which compels you to serve more of a prep time to chop up your produce beforehand.

In this appliance, the housing is the only portion of the appliance that is BPA free.

Masticating juicers are slower to work than all centrifugal juicers.

What We Liked

  • Low RPM decreased oxidations and overheating of your product
  • Automatic mixing mechanism
  • Silent operation
  • East to clean
  • Automatic pulp elimination
  • Makes it easy to juice harsh products

What We Didn’t Like

  • Higher in price than other juicers
  • More of a bulkier build
  • The machines clog up, requiring time and patience for use
  • A narrow feeding chute increases the prep time

One of the reasons this juicer is ranked four on the list is the no-drip tap on the juicer that works wonders to avoid a real mess on your counter.

In addition to slow motor function, the decreased speed also decreases overheating and the oxidation levels in your product.

There is an additional mixing operation that shakes up your mixing, rendering it useless for you to do so later on! 

There is dual-method technology that offers more juice output 

resulting from a very silent process. 

Additionally, the clean-up of the machine is really easy due to the automatic pulp elimination.

This juicer encourages you to juice more often and works to boost your immunity. As well as ensuring that there is a lack of waste while completely extracting all nutrients from your produce. 

The increased torque on the motor allows you to juice harsher produce easily without worrying about the damage with a 15-year warranty on the parts and working.

The juicer is far more expensive than other omega juicers you may opt for.

The Omega VSJ843QS juicer is also bulkier than majority of the vertical juicers. 

In addition, you may have to spend a little more time using this juicer as it is liable to clogging up.

The narrow feeding chute also slows down the juicing process further.

5. Omega J8006HDS Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Masticating Juicer

What We Liked

  • 8X stronger ultem auger allows your production to have a 3-day shelf life
  • Silent operation
  • Easy automatic pulp ejection that reduces time spent cleaning up
  • Allows you to grind beans, nuts, coffee and more
  • Smaller chute contributes to making a much more nutrient concentrated juice

What We Didn’t Like

  • Prone to clogging up, increasing the time of use
  • Complicated to clean

The Omega J8006HDS is a strong, sleek appliance that is perfect for your juicing needs. You can juice any fruits and vegetables depending upon your preference. 

The juicer offers a 3-day shelf life to your result, and an ultem auger that is 8 times stronger than your average juicer.

The motor function is extremely quiet, bringing about a lack of noise pollution and disturbance in your kitchen.

The automatic pulp ejection allows you to juice constantly without worrying about the clean-up process that is considered a hassle. 

There are a variety of settings on the masticating juicers that give way to an increased juice output as well as allowing you to juice other products like grinding coffee, nuts and more.

Despite the fact that the components of the juicer are delicate, they are much easier to clean and prevent you from making a mess in your workspace.

The small feed tube allows you to have a much concentrated and a fine mixture of juice rather than larger pulp.

Soft produce allows the juicer to get clogged during use forcing you to stop midway juicing and un-clog it.

There are certain complicated factors that make it difficult for the operator to clean the juicer after use.

6. Omega NC800HDS Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Juicer

What We Liked

  • Larger than average chute to help maximum result
  • Low RPM allows your juice to have a 3-day shelf life
  • Not limited to fruits and vegetables, can also juice harsher products
  • Silent operation
  • Parts that come in contact with your juice are BPA free
  • Automatic pulp extraction simplifies the cleaning process
  • Dishwasher safe

What We Didn’t Like

  • Limited use of plastic deems unsuitable for food processing
  • Masticating juicers are much slower than other juicers

This juicer rebels its predecessors and has a larger chute which allows for more juice output.

The slow speed of the juicers gives way to minute oxidation and a lack of froth on your juice that has a 3-day shelf life.

It can juice all sorts of fruits, vegetables and most nuts and beans. In addition, the altering settings allow an increased juice extrapolation and can change to perform different functions like coffee grinder, noodle maker and more.

The ultem auger of this juicer is much stronger and reliable, working with minimal noise production. 

Despite the plastic use being a downside, any part that comes in contact with your juice is BPA free. 

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The automatic pulp extraction will allow you juice continuously without stopping to make room for further juicing. 

Additionally, you can take apart the components of the juicer and put them in the dishwasher without worrying about destroying any parts.

Although it is BPA free, the use of plastic is not suitable for food processing.

The masticating juicers in this appliance are slower than centrifugal juicers.

7. Omega J4000 High-Speed Pulp Ejection Juicer

What We Liked

  • Automatic pulp extraction and a detachable bin carries all the pulp to ease the cleaning up
  • Silent operation
  • Maximum nutrient extraction resulting in dry pulp
  • Made with stainless steel
  • The center responsible for catching your result is sandblasted smooth
  • Compact design easy to store and handles to ensure easy mobility
  • 15-year warranty in the States and Canada, 1 year on international basis

What We Didn’t Like

  • Foods stains may be tough to get rid of

This juicer also offers automatic pulp extraction and a detachable bin that catches all of the pulp that you can dispose of.

The slow masticating juicers work with silent operation and produce a concentrated result with a much dry pulp. This ensures you that all nutrients from your produce are derived.

Unlike most juicers, the essential components of this juicer are composed of stainless steel, offering a more stylish look to your juicer and in turn, to your kitchen.

The stainless steel cutters of your juicer finely grind your fruits, vegetables and other products. 

The center that is responsible for catching your juice is sandblasted to provide ease in the after-use cleaning process.

The design is compact and there are handles for easy lifting and mobility. You can either store your juicer away, or have it sitting on your counter if you’re a regular juicer.

There is a 15-year warranty provided with this juicer, allowing you to use it freely without worrying about the repair of any damage that may occur.

Despite proper cleaning, certain stains of produce remain on the appliance.

8. Omega VRT400HDS Premium Vertical Low Speed Juicer

What We Liked

  • Low RPM for excellent nutrient extraction
  • Chute comes with a pusher to help guide the produce down easily
  • Auto-cleaning mechanism simplifies the cleaning up process
  • Versatile juicer, easily able to juice harsher produce
  • 15-year warranty in the States and Canada, 1 year on international basis

What We Didn’t Like

  • A slightly higher price tag
  •  Masticating juicers are slower in working
  • Prone to clogging up which may increase your prep time
  • Not suitable for juicing wheatgrass and other similar products

This juicer works with slow speeds to squeeze and slice your products at the same time in order to ensure the complete extraction of nutrients from your staples.

The average-sized chute comes with a pusher that offers ease when feeding your produce through it. Also, it allows a quick juice extraction which is a must in every kitchen.

Cleaning up is a cumbersome activity for all of us, but with this juicer’s auto-cleaning operation, we don’t need to worry about it at all. 

After you pour some water in, the system will clean itself enough for you to take it apart and clean it thoroughly.

This juicer is not only good for processing fruits and vegetables but also harsher products like nuts and hard shell veggies. 

In addition to paying a suitable amount that wouldn’t hurt your pockets, you also get to enjoy a 15-year warranty that is applicable if you’re in the USA or Canada.

The price, although suitable, might be a little heavy for some people.

The masticating juicers are slower and allow your produce to clog up, forcing a longer prep time where you cut your products into smaller pieces.

This juicer will not be of much help to you if you are looking to process wheatgrass.

9. Omega C20C Citrus Juicer

What We Liked

  • Compact build makes it easier to store away
  • Specifically designed to juice citrus fruits
  • Easy clean-up process
  • Easy to use
  • Make from stainless less, offering a stylish look
  • Pulp extraction helps make it easy to clean
  • Silent operation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Overheating of the result may lose the nutrient concentration
  • You can only use mild detergent and nothing else to wash the machine parts

This compact juicer is fit for commercial use for its stylish look and compressed nature.

Unlike other juicers with questionable ability to juice citrus fruits, this juicer was made to perform on citrus fruits.

There are varying sizes of the juicing cones that help you decide which size would be best for what it is that you want to juice.

The after-use cleaning process is simple with minimal components to be cleaned. You can take them apart easily and clean them in a quick minute.

There is a simple process to a rapid juice extrapolation. There are no complicated steps for use and you get a nice refreshing glass of juice in just a few minutes.

Most components of this juicer are made from stainless steel, adhering to its stylish look. In addition, the chrome finish of this appliance plays a hand in preserving the product from citrus stains.

The motor works to allow you to juice constantly, with simple pulp extraction to aid in the process.

The machine also works with a quiet process which is necessary when it comes to your happy place is the kitchen.

The motor heats your resulting juice, enforcing a loss to the nutritional value of the juice.

The washing process of the juicer compels you to juice mild detergent instead of your ordinary washer.

10. Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Square Low-Speed Juicer

What We Liked

  • Low RPM levels allow maximum juice extrapolation
  • Comes with a dual-edge mechanism and a strong ultem auger
  • Automatic mixing duties
  • Silent operation
  • The decreased speeds also give way to a result with a 3-day shelf life and minimal oxidation
  • Housing parts are BPA free
  • Automatic pulp extraction simplifies the cleaning process
  • Bulky build increases the juice output
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What We Didn’t Like

  • Ranked up high on the price list
  • Masticating juicers are slower than your centrifugal juicers
  • Bulky build makes it much difficult to store away

The Omega VSJ843QR is considered to be the slowest masticating juicer of the brand with a 43 RPM which helps you derive an increased amount of juice.

Despite being a little more pricey for a vertical juicer, this juicer works with a dual-edge mechanism with an ultem auger that offers you a nutrient concentrated result as well as a juice tap that already mixes your juice for you.

In addition to being a very silent process of use, it also has an auto-cleaning system, making it much easier for you to clean it after use.

The decreased speed preserves the nutrients in such a way that the resulting juice has a 3-day shield life and minute oxidation.

Much like the other juicers of the brand, all parts that come in contact with the juice are BPA free and safe to consume.

The pulp extraction lets you juice consistently without having to stop to do it manually. 

Although not compact, the bulky machine gives way to an increased juice production.

This juicer is certainly more expensive than any other juicer on the market.

The masticating juicers ae slow and allow the clogging up of produce, thus increasing your prep time.

This citrus juice is also bulkier than the sleek and compact models in competition.

So there you have it, a summarized list of all the best Omega juicers with their pros and cons mentioned. All you have to do now is decide what you want and move from there. 

An Understanding of Omega Juicers

As people realize how necessary it is to be healthy and adhere to a more organic diet, they also realize that the best way to do so is through Omega juicers. 

Among other things, Omega pursues juicers and has some of the most renowned models in the market. When you are looking to purchase an Omega juicer, there are a few factors you need to consider.

First thing is the size. If you have insufficient counter space, you might contemplate going for a compact-build machine like the Omega CNC80S Compact Slow Speed Juicer which works just the same-if not better- without occupying a larger space.

The second thing would be a slow masticating juicer. If size is no trouble, you will want to opt for a slow masticating juicer like the Omega VSJ843QS Juicer Vertical Slow Masticating Juice Extractor

 as that quality reduces overheating and or offers minimal oxidation. 

In addition, it comes with a no-drip mechanism that helps you avoid a mess after acquiring your juice.

Another vital factor is the chute size; a smaller chute defines an extended prep time. Meaning you will have to chop up your produce beforehand to have it fit in the juicer. 

However, the Omega MMV700S Mega Mouth Low-Speed Juicer has an extra-large chute that gives way to whole fruits and vegetables, probably eradicating the prep time completely.

The Omega NC900HDC Slow Masticating Juicer has a supplement center that permits you to juice not only fruits and vegetables, but coffee, nuts, herbs and frozen products too.

Your Guide to Buying an Omega Juicer

If you opt for a juicer with a big chute, there is minimal prep you will have to do beforehand. Like peeling your produce and removing the seeds before feeding it into your juicer.

In addition, you may have to cut your produce into smaller pieces before masticating it into a fine, nutrient concentrated juice.

Masticating juicers are increasingly chosen because despite the fact that centrifugal juicers are faster, they can’t operate on leafy and fibrous vegetables.

Most Omega juicers permit you to store your resulting juice for up to 3 days, and even with minimal oxidation, it would do you well to consume your juice as soon as it comes out of the machine.

Generally, you will need to disassemble the machine to clean it. However, some appliances have an auto-cleaning system that requires you to first pour in some water while it cleans itself.

After, you may take the detachable bits apart and clean them individually. You may also toss them in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.

Despite an extravagant price tag on most of these appliances, they are built to last for many years. Meaning that you have the added advantage of consuming homemade beverages instead of paying a pretty penny to buy some from the market. 

There are more affordable juicers of the brand that essentially work the same way, but will fail to provide you the same benefits as the ones mentioned.

Others are more moderately priced and offer you the same advantages as the ones that have a decreased price tag.

Now that you have enough knowledge of the Omega juicers and are ready to make your decision, go on ahead and make a purchase that you will be proud to have in your kitchen. Make sure you take all the important factors into account and make the best choice Omega has to offer.

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