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5 Best Food Processors for Chopping Onions

Food processors are utilized for various tasks; cutting, chipping, chopping, slashing, and more. Onions are amongst the most widely used ingredients. Most of us enjoy the flavor that onions add to our meals, although we can all be fed up when we break down in tears while chopping, which is not so enjoyable.

It’s just that a food processor could perhaps make chopping onions easier. As a result, we’ve listed a few of the favorite food processors for chopping onions below. The onions are cut into thin slices in a food processor for cooking, such as topping up. So check the blog post and choose the food processor most advantageous for you.


  • Eliminate inflammation or tears in your eyes.
  • A speedy and simple method for chopping onions.
  • It frees up a significant amount of time.
  • It creates very little of a mess.

“With Ninja rotors, this piece of technology uniformly cuts veggies, purees, and minced parsley for a wide range of dishes and effortless food preparation.”

“This portable cooking food processor with  custom shifting energy rotors is flexible, and the 24 oz work pot makes it simpler to handle both delicate and tough food products.”

“This super 70W one-click chopper allows you to make your favorite vegetarian cuisine and conveniently arrange additives for large quantities of the meal.”

“This 1.5-Cup fresh fruit and vegetable chopper is ideal for daily use. It is quite fantastic for chopping onions, among other things. It has blade design and easy-to-use sensor regulation.”

“This 24-ounce vegetable chopper is the ideal cooking gadget for speeding up meal preparation since it can chop, mash, and shred in minutes.”

Only with this processor, you can manage any task because it equitably chops, grates, slices, and mixes quality produce in the 16 oz chopper pot for consistency in quality every time. In addition, the 200-watt aesthetic design includes a huge brushed metal pulsation toggle for satisfactory performance.

The chopper bowl has a no-slip core and a wash shield to maintain all of it stable and tidy. In addition, it has a handlebar that is easy to grasp. To preserve your product warm, a capacity cap has been included, and all detachable components are easy to clean.

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  • Compact design
  • Exceptional quality


The commodity is ideal for small-scale menu planning. The special automatic intelligent rotor, which allows it to produce squishy and tough ingredients, contributes to its flexibility. In addition, it has a 250-watt motor, a 24-oz work dish with a grip, and a carbon steel blade with a pointed blunt rim that trims and smashes rapidly.

Moreover, amidst its small surface area, it is more potent than other choppers. As a result, you can already make meals more quickly than ever. Easy cleaning dish and top cover for hygiene reasons.


  • Dicing attachments
  • Mini work bowl
  • Easy to clean


The double carbon steel rotors of this fully automated chopper and its one-touch signal power cut and puree food in the 1.5-cup prep bucket make meal preparation effortless.

A 70W motor provides the necessary strength for chopping, trimming, and shredding a wide range of foods in the cooking area. The space-saving structure allows handling simple. The work bowl’s cap has tiny holes for gradually adding oil to marinades. Furthermore, all of the detachable segments are dishwasher-safe for easier cleaning.


  • Oiling holes
  • Small and compact


This brand’s food chopper is ideal for dicing cookery condiments. Its components are effortlessly scrubbed in a washer. In addition, this food chopper’s tiny 1.5-cup capacity makes it ideal for basic activities.

The curved stainless edges split across a variety of foods with ease. In addition, the compact chopper’s simple pulse control system allows you to customize the consistency of your meals quickly. Once you have this food processor, there is no necessity to carry out the big devices for limited cooking tasks.


  • Efficient
  • Customizable
  • Saves space and time


For processing and stirring, distinct machining edges are used. This food processor is ideal for small cafeterias or offices. It is also very simple to use and wash the food processor. This food processor is easy to finish. It comes with a two-year warranty.

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A 3-cup storage bowl is perfect for indoor use and small enough to hold up in any cooking area. The dish, cutting edges, and top cover are water-resistant for convenience and tranquility, and all food portions are BPA-free. The wires can be comfortably stashed just below the chopper for compact portability.


  • Compact
  • Perfect for chopping large quantities
  • Powerful motor


  • Food may get stuck inside the blades
Rank Model Item Weight Dimensions Wattage Capacity
  1. Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop (NJ110GR)    ‎2 pounds     5.75 x 5.75 x 10.13 inches     200W   16oz
  2. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Food-Processor   2.2 pounds   9.25 x 7 x 5 inches   250W   24oz
  3. Black+Decker HC150B Electric Food Chopper   1.25 pounds   6.5 x 4 x 5 inches     75W   12oz
    4. Proctor Silex Durable Electric Vegetable Chopper     1 pounds   5.13 x 5.44 x 8.5 inches     70W       12oz
    5. Hamilton 72850 Electric Vegetable Chopper       2.09 pounds     5.9 x 5.2 x 8.54 inches       350W     24oz

Moreover, to offer you the top-rated processor, we have listed a few of the characteristics you should take into account before purchasing one-

The pressure with which the food processor activities are determined is by the magnitude of the food processor. For example, the most common food processors used for onion chopping have an electric range of 200 to 1000 watts.

The preparation is influenced by the food processor’s bulkier foundation. The thin core is more costly and has a smoother design. If it fits into your budget, go with the lightweight food processor.

We need pointed blades for chopping onions, so they are chopped exactly how you want them. Several food processors have moveable blades that can be cleaned in the washer and assembled.

Wiping down your processor must not be so time-consuming that it consumes all of the time saved by the processor. Washing your food processor is as simple as washing any other utensil in your cooking area with detachable parts.

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Ninja, originally established in 1994, is the third major manufacturing company of small kitchenware, committed to quality and dependability.

This American company was formally established in 1971 to introduce an electrically operated food processor to the business. Their first variant debuted in 1973.

Black+Decker Inc. is an American company that was created in 1910 to design and build heavy machinery, equipment, gadgets, consumer electronics, and machined structures.

Proctor Silex Co. was followed by the formation of Proctor Electric and the Silex Company in 1960. Produces hardware and gadgets like coffee machines and food processors.

Hamilton is a producer, creative agency, and provider of domestic devices and marketing restaurant machines and tools with its own trade names in the United States.

You may be curious if it is possible to slice onions without weeping. There is, indeed. To chop onions in a food processor, follow the instructions below.

  • Insert the rotors into the food processor’s operating bowl.
  • Scrape and cut your onions into quarters.
  • Position the onion in the operating dish of your food processor and secure it in location. Close the cap, too, though.
  • Use the signal switch 2-5 times or until your onions are just as coarsely diced as you want them.
  • If required, dissolve the onions in water for some time.

A food processor can significantly reduce the effort and labor you invest in the cooking area, especially while chopping an onion. We believe the information above helps you select the ideal food processor for chopping onions.

We advise the whole of our audience to be evidence of their necessities and evaluate the different accessories provided by various goods. Then, if you wish to purchase one of the brands mentioned above, kindly double-check the specifics and make an educated choice.

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