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6 Food Processor Alternatives

Everyone wishes to switch to a healthy diet, but the thought of doing all those hard things makes them yawn. No one really wants to cut the fruits or shred the vegetables; that’s why food processors were made. We can say that they are the most useful appliance in our kitchen.

This multifunctional device performs so many things at once. It shreds, chops, slices, grates, among many other things. But what happens when your food processor stops working? Do you buy a new one? You try to find its alternatives; that’s why you’re here. We present you with food processor alternatives that will save your day.


Sometimes our precious food processor stops working suddenly, or we don’t want to spend money buying a food processor and start finding its alternatives. Here are some things that you can use instead of a food processor.

Blender is the most effective alternative for a food processor. It performs almost the same as a food processor, like it blends fruits and vegetables into a juice or mincing things. The big blade present in the middle does the job of cutting large items into smaller items or grinding them all to form a puree. You can change the speed settings according to your convenience.

If you want to do maximum things with minimum effort in a short time, then a mixer would be the most suitable option for you. They are available in different sizes to use the one that suits your needs. There are electric and hand-held mixers too. They are easy to store and take up less space in your kitchen.

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If you’re looking just to chop items, then a chopper might be useful for you. Though it performs only one of the functions of a food processor, it does its chopping job well. Just put the onions or fruits into the chopper, and your work is done. It saves a lot of your time as you don’t have to change any settings or set it up. It’s already set up for the one function- chopping.

Grinder usually comes in electric forms and are used to mash, cut, and mash various food items. They also come for specific purposes like mincing meat or cutting nuts. Compared to blenders or choppers, grinders are much heavier and tougher to move. So store it in a place where you don’t have to move it.

Graters don’t only help you grate items but also let you chop and slice food items in different sizes. In addition, you can shape the vegetables, fruits, or any other food item in your way. However, you need to be careful while handling these graters as there are sharp ends on each side, and you can injure your hand.

The last ideal option for you would be to boil your food items until they’re soft. Then let them cool and mash them. This is perfect for you if you want puree fruits or vegetables for some recipe. You don’t have to go through the noise to get the pulp. However, this process will take time, so you have to hold your patience in this.

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Ninja Blender can be used for literally anything. So yes, it can be used as a food processor too. This becomes entirely true when your ninja blender has those unique grinding blades and a food processing bowl. Even if you have a normal ninja blender, you don’t have any reason not to use it as a food processor. 

However, you should know what type of food processing you want to do on your Ninja Blender. The standard Ninja Blender can be used for chopping vegetables like onion and celery to make a soup. It can also make tomato puree for sauce or a healthy juice.

This doesn’t mean that a standard Ninja Blender can replace a whole food processor. For example, if you want to knead or mix a dough, you won’t be able to do it in your standard Ninja Blender. Blenders need liquid to perform at their best. They use liquid to get food items down the blade and blend them. This isn’t the case with food processors. Their sharp blades can mix batter and dough without the need for liquid.

Using your Ninja blender as a food processor totally depends on the type of food you want to process. Do not use foods that don’t look like they belong to a blender. Instead, stick with simple ingredients like vegetables, dried fruits, and nuts.

Vitamix can perform most of the tasks performed by a food processor, but there are some tasks it can’t perform. Coarse chopping is one of the specialties of Vitamix; it can chop any food item from soft to hard. Be it carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, or onion. It can also mix and blend and give you delicious smoothies, ice creams, or anything that blends.

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There is only one thing that stops Vitamix from being a food processor, and that is slicing. Vitamix cannot slice fruits or vegetables as a food processor can do. So, unfortunately, you cannot prepare sliced salads with a Vitamix.

Food processors are the best kitchen appliance made till now. They make our work so easy! But they are a little costly too so everybody can’t afford that. However, if you don’t have a food processor, that doesn’t mean you can’t have comfort in your life. There are always alternatives present around you. Just take a look in your kitchen, and you find so many options. All of the alternatives of a food processor perform one or two of its functions, so when you combine these alternatives, you can perform all the tasks performed by a food processor without even owning it.

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