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Can I Use Vitamix as a Food Processor?

Vitamix is specifically built to work as a blender. These are very big, and high-grade heavy blades are used to perform heavy tasks efficiently.

However, Vitamix cannot be used for slicing vegetables unless you have its attachment. You can use it for all kitchen preps and as a food processor. This can help you blend smoothies, soups, and sauce or hummus. You literally cannot differentiate the texture of the meat. It looks and feels almost similar.


Vitamix is one of the best heavy-duty blenders you can blindly buy now. Many newly released models will come with most features usually found in a food processor. Here are some things that a Vitamix can do efficiently compared to a normal food processor:

  1. Speed variation: Vitamix allows you to adjust the speed of the blender blade on a scale of 1 to 10. This gives you different textures of food at different speed rates.
  2. Designing of the food container: The container is wide and has more space at the base so food will not get wasted. In addition, you can easily scrape food out of it.
  3. Heavy and durable blades: Blades of a Vitamix are made with strong metal, making them highly durable. They have extremely sharp edges to chop efficiently.

Vitamix can be used for tasks like chopping, grinding, and mixing. You can adjust the speed; if you want a smooth texture let the speed be between 7 to 8, or need a coarse grind, put it anywhere near 6. If you make smoothies or juices, increase the speed to 9 or 10.

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You can chop all food materials which have dry ingredients or wet ingredients. You can also make grated cheese out of frozen cheese blocks in no time. And the ace point? You can make crushed ice too!!!! Isn’t this amazing? You can also make ice creams, doughs, and butter for your bread spread. This does almost every job you need to prepare a proper course of a meal.

If there’s any task Vitamix cannot perform, that will be thin slicing fruits or vegetables. It will not have the slicing blade given along with a food processor.

If you often use thinly sliced vegetables, you better use a food processor to do the job. But some high-end models have these mechanisms in a Vitamix, but these did not prove as efficient as a food processor for slicing.

You can perform all the tasks you basically need to prepare a good meal using Vitamix, so we hope you now have a clear picture of what to do and what not to do using Vitamix.

You will get the best results for rough and coarse chopping. If you do not own a food processor and do not require any heaving slicing tasks, then we suggest you buy Vitamix. It is durable and works efficiently for day-to-day cooking preps. Some models have extra attachments for slicing; you can simply purchase them.

To be honest, it will be the blades. The blades are made hefty to perform tasks like juicing and pulp production. While a food processor has thinner blades, and it is hard to get things out of it because of the narrow base.

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Vitamix is designed to be a blender, but you also have extra attachments you can purchase. Vitamix works as a food processor, juicer, or smoothie maker with those attachments.

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