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GE profile oven buttons are not working

An oven helps in most of our cooking process. It helps reheat food, water, melt butter, cheese, or bake cookies, cakes, etc. If you have this smart appliance in your kitchen, you must be very reliable. But sometimes this smart gadget can experience some faults too.

The fault might be your GE profile oven buttons not working. How will the oven perform any of its functions when the buttons are not working? To solve the issue of unresponsive buttons, you should first check if the child lock is off and make sure it has incoming power.


It can be frustrating not to use the oven at all because of some unresponsive buttons. But, don’t worry, we have solutions for your problem. Keep reading to know them.

When you’re pressing the buttons of your GE oven, and it’s not responding, check if it is receiving incoming power. That’s the quickest thing and solution you can get for this problem. So before jumping on to troubleshooting anything, you should check the incoming power first.

If there’s no incoming power, it might be for the following reasons.

  1. The plug of the oven is not in the socket (silly and most common mistake)
  2. The dedicated circuit breaker is switched off for the oven.
  3. The electrical circuit is cut because the fuse of the oven is blown.

Any of these issues can prevent your oven from receiving incoming power. That’s why your oven’s buttons might be unresponsive.

How to solve: Place the oven plug on the switchboard and switch it on. Check if the position of the circuit breaker is on. The circuit breaker is present in your house’s main electrical board. Lastly, if the fuse is blown, you’ll have to use a new one to replace it.

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GE ovens have a child-lock feature that doesn’t let the children operate the oven when it’s on. When this feature is on, your oven’s button will not be responsive. So when you see that your GE oven buttons are not working, it might be because the child lock is on.

This problem has a very quick solution. Just turn off the child lock feature, and all your oven buttons will be back to work.

When the buttons on the control panel are pressed, it gives electrical signals to several oven components that’ll perform your instructions. The control panel gives these signals with the help of various connectors, including ribbon cables or wires.

These cables contain many insulated electrical wires. As the name says, these cables resemble the shape of a ribbon. When the buttons of your GE oven are not working, the problem might be with the ribbon cable. The cable might either be loose or broken.

How to solve: Closely examine the ribbon cable after shutting off the oven from the plug. Next, open the control panel to inspect the cable. If it’s:

  • Loose, then place it gently back into its place.
  • Melt or burnt, then replace with a new ribbon cable

The reason the buttons of your GE oven are not working might be because there’s some fault in the main control board. It’s like the brain of your GE oven. The fault can occur due to an electrical fault like a short circuit.

How to solve: Sadly, the main control board of your GE oven cannot be repaired. So if you’re sure that the problem lies in the main control board, you’ll have to replace it. Also, it can put a hole in your pocket if you’re running low on budget.

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