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Can you put ice in the magic bullet?

The magic bullet is the perfect blender to make simple and small recipes. It’s also used to make frozen drinks and smoothies. Its versatility makes it a common kitchen tool in many houses in the United States. It’s pretty simple to use, but one thing makes people confused.

Can you put ice in the magic bullet? Maybe you’re thinking about making frozen margarita so this is very important for you to know. Magic bullet has powerful blades that can crush ice easily. But make sure the ice cubes are smaller in size and water’s also present with the ice in the blender.


Before getting to the ice part, you should know what magic this blender does with your ingredients. It’s a quick way to make smoothies for you in the morning while getting ready for work! They are user-friendly as well as cost-friendly.

Its made by nutribullet and comes with several lids and cups. It handles all of your food needs. For example, it can chop onions or fresh herbs and mince garlic. Apart from cutting and chopping, you can also make smoothies using frozen vegetables and fruits.

Its flat blade helps in grinding dry ingredients like coffee. Despite its versatility, the magic bullet is not suitable for mixing hot foods or liquids. If you want your blended item to be hot, blend the cold ingredients first and then microwave it. The cups are microwave safe.

Its base is also very small, so you don’t have to worry about it taking your kitchen space.

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Magic bullet lets you crush ice without any discomfort. All you need to do is make sure the size of the ice cubes is small when you put them in the blender. Full-size cubes can jam the blades. Also, put some liquid with ice to make the crushing process easy.

If you see the ice just spinning in the cup without getting crushed, it might be because you overloaded it. There are other reasons, too, for magic bullet not crushing ice.

Nutribullet sells specific blades for ice in magic bullet. It’s called ice crusher blades and is available at their original site. It’s quite affordable and does all the work related to the ice for you. You can easily make a frozen margarita or anything with this blade.

It fits with the original magic bullet blender. So whether you want to crush ice as a topping or make frozen beverages, this ice crusher blade will do all the work.

Some people might find the price too expensive so that you can use regular blades. However, ice crusher blades will be a good investment and will prolong the life of your regular magic bullet blades.

The magic bullet can crush ice easily with its regular and ice crusher blades. If it isn’t, the problem is hidden somewhere. Here are the possible reasons why your magic bullet won’t crush ice?

Blades jammed

Do you wash the magic bullet blades after blending items? If not, the stuck items can rust and jam the blade. If you wash the blades, check beneath the blades if there’s any food item stuck.

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Dull blades

Another reason might be that your magic bullet blender’s regular blades have become dull. You can get the ice crusher blades or get the regular ones sharpened. Ice is solid, and you need sharp blades to crush them.

Less liquid

You might not have put liquid or enough liquid with the ice in the blender. This can harm the blades of the magic bullet. Instead, pour enough liquid that makes crushing ice easier.

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