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Can I Use Blender Instead Of Mixer?

Food preparation becomes an easy task when you have kitchen appliances like a blender and mixer. However, these appliances can take up a lot of your cabinet’s space as they are large. So it is sensible to buy only that gadget that will perform many functions at once. Let’s see if a blender can be used in place of a mixer.

The main function of a blender is in its name. That’s right, it blends! It not only mixes all the ingredients but also liquefies them.


Blenders are usually used to make smoothies, purees, soups, and sauces. Liquids are blenders’ best friends because they handle them very well. Apart from blending, you can use it to soften hard food items. Its fast motor and solid blades finely mix all the ingredients and convert them into a smooth liquid form.

Blenders come in basic and advanced forms. The job of a basic blender is to blend soft solids into a smooth liquid mixture or paste. Some blenders are also able to make ice creams or nut butter. Advanced or powerful blenders can easily crush ice or other solid ingredients.

A mixer gets power through electricity that beats, mixes, whips, and grinds ingredients. It mixes both liquids and solids and evenly mixes all the ingredients. Mixers come with various blade attachments that beat and whisk ingredients together. You can also make batters and dough using a mixer.

Mixers are mainly used for baking and cooking preparations. This means more food is prepared in less time. Mixers come in two forms- handheld and stand mixers.

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There are two situations where a blender can work as a mixer and where it cannot.

You can use a blender as a mixer to prepare items like pancake batter. It may not give a fluffy texture as you get in a mixer, but some blenders come with a foaming jar to help you add air into the liquid mixture.

You can never use a blender to prepare the dough. Though high-power blenders easily crush ice and solid items, they cannot mix items like flour. So a blender cannot be used to make bread or cookie dough. You cannot also use a blender to whisk egg whites or make your batter fluffy by beating air into it. Mixer can perform these jobs easily.

The conclusion arises that you can use a blender as a mixer for certain purposes only. Like you can make a batter with a blender but don’t expect it to be fluffier. You can use it to make smooth pastes or smoothies. However, you cannot expect even a high-power blender to make cookie or bread dough for you. It is not suitable to perform these tasks. Using a blender as a mixer totally depends on the type of activity you’re performing.



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