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Does Orange Juice Make You Poop?

Our body needs proper hydration to keep our stomachs clean. Dehydration leads to constipation, and people often wonder whether orange juice makes you poop. Because juices provide hydration to our body at some levels, you think that orange juice can do wonders for our stomach. You’re not thinking wrong here; actually, Vitamin C speeds up the digestive process and makes you poop. Well, orange juice contains Vitamin C, so you’re good here.

It’s magical that a delicious juice can actually cure our problem. But how does orange juice helps in providing relief in constipation? We’ll get to it but first, let’s tell you the common causes of constipation.


Constipation is a common problem faced by most people in the world. There can be reasons behind constipation like travel, poor diet, medications, stress, or other body issues. Constipation is of basically three types: slow-transit, IBS, and dysfunctional. We’ll talk about some common reason that causes constipation and irritate us:

Our body needs adequate amounts of fiber daily to function properly. Unfortunately, most people don’t know this and consume even less than half of what is considered a healthy amount. High amounts of fiber help in several gastrointestinal disorders like duodenal ulcers, diverticulitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hemorrhoids, and constipation.

Orange juice is packed with fiber which has a crucial part to play in the bowel movement. Constipation is caused when your diet lacks enough fiber. When you drink orange juice along with the pulp, your body gets the fiber it lacks and stimulates your bowels. This will make you poop very easily in time.

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Bowel movements are stimulated by orange juice as it increases peristaltic activity. This activity is responsible for pushing undigested food through the colon and then releasing it smoothly from your body. You can also combine orange juice with other ingredients, you know, to get a mix of flavors. Here are some ingredients you can try with orange juice.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 glass orange juice (pulp too)


  • Mix orange juice and olive oil together.
  • Drink it.

You can also use mineral oil, castor oil, or flaxseed oil if olive oil is not available with you.

How often you should drink it:

Drink it whenever you’re unable to poop.

How it works:

Olive oil is a great home remedy to cure constipation. Its texture and consistency are the reason behind its magical powers of providing relief in constipation. Olive oil stimulates your digestive system, and in turn, it makes things flow inside the colon smoothly. A regular dosage of olive oil also helps in preventing future constipation too.

What you need:

  • Half cup orange juice (with pulp)
  • Half cup prune juice


You have to mix these two juices together and drink them.

How often you should drink it:

If you haven’t been able to poop for days, you can drink this mixture twice a day.

How it works:

Prunes, as well as prune juice, have been traditionally used to cure constipation. Prunes are packed with sorbitol and fiber, which are known to soften the stool and allow it to get out of your body smoothly.

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What you need:

  • One cup orange juice
  • 2 tbsp aloe vera gel


  • Freshly extracted aloe vera gel from the plant would be more beneficial.
  • Mix the gel and orange juice together.
  • Drink the mixture.

How often you should drink it:

If you don’t get relief after drinking it once, you should drink it again after 4-5 hours.

How it works:

Apart from providing skin benefits, aloe vera has proven to improve the stool’s water carrying capacity. When this capacity increases, it becomes easy for the body to pass the stool and eliminate it. Aloe gel also smoothens the process of stool movement.

Morning time is the best time to drink orange juice. When your stomach gets light in the morning, you remain jolly throughout the day. On the plus side, you’ll get refreshed in the morning itself. Orange juice contains sugar, and we all know our body and mind need sugar as a source of energy.

So don’t worry, you won’t get fat just by drinking only a glass of orange juice in the morning. It will give you energy instead. Use freshly squeezed orange juice instead of packaged ones brought from the store.

Well, yes, eating a whole orange is much better than drinking orange juice as it is more efficient in treating constipation. In addition, orange juice improves the gut microbiota, but you get much more nutrients that will support your digestive system when you eat a whole orange.

Actually, all of the citrus fruits are helpful during constipation as they contain Vitamin C. A single orange can give you around 4 g of fiber. However, fruit juices lose some of the fiber depending on the process they are made.

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Citrus fruits are naturally filled with antioxidants such as naringenin that directly benefit constipation. That’s why citrus fruits are so beneficial during constipation. Naringin is found in many fruits and tomatoes and gives many benefits like anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. So when you eat oranges, you will get relief from constipation, and your body will be protected from cancer cells.

The conclusion arises that orange juice absolutely helps in making you poop. When you poop, you feel light, and thus, your mood remains happy for the day. Plus, you’ll get free energy by drinking orange juice. Freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning will be a better option than drinking packaged juices. When you feel constipated, orange juice is what you need, and it’s super healthy.

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