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Range Hood Height Calculator – Find Optimal Height

Range hoods are a wonderful addition to your stovetop or range and also can aid in air purification as you prepare a meal.

Your range hood will need to be mounted higher than the suggested maximum elevation based on the type of cooking surface you have and your tallness.


To operate effectively, there must be a specific spacing between your burner and the hood. First, let’s determine the ideal range hood height for each kitchen configuration.

Use this calculator to find the optimal height for your range hood installation.

The elevation of your kitchen’s range or countertops is mainly insignificant. Therefore, the sort of ranges you choose will determine the range hood’s configuration altitude.

Gas Range 24-36 inches
Electric Range 20-24 inches
Outdoor Grill 36-42 inches

Cooking shouldn’t be restricted by the space around your kitchen hood and cooktop. Of course, your range hood must not be mounted less than the recommended position, either.

This is because, unlike the higher limitation, which is centered only on productivity, the height requirement margin is established through quality checks.

Per each 12″ of stove width, a range hood’s blower should flow at least 110 CFM of airflow, according to the generally accepted guideline. Therefore, a range hood with a vent that circulates at least 250 CFM of air is required if your stove is 30″ wide.

A huge kitchen demands more airflow to evacuate the gases than a compact one; thus, that needs to be taken into account when choosing the height of the range hood.

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Within 5 minutes, or at least 6-10 times each hour, a cooktop must be capable of refreshing the atmosphere in the kitchen. For instance, your kitchen would have 1,575 cubic feet of area if it were 15 feet long by 15 feet wide and had a 7-foot ceiling.

The formula to get the proper height is as follows: roof height – stovetop height – spacing between stovetop and hood’s bottom.

Your hood’s bottom should be 24 to 30 inches over the stove if you use a gas range. You will require between 20″ and 24″ above your burner if you use an electric version.

When thinking about how to optimize air circulation in an integrated setting, this useful mathematical formula is quite helpful:

CFM= FPM×Area, where FPM is feet per minute.

Replace the FPM figure with the area after the area has been squared to determine the cubic feet per minute.

The category of range you have will determine the proper mounting position for your range hood. Keep in mind these suggested height ratios for your kitchen to operate as efficiently as possible.

Cheers to the installation of your modern range hood. As hard as you comply with all of our guidelines and important recommendations, you are beneficial to head out.

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