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Who Installs Range Hoods?

Range hoods are used to remove heat and warm greasy mists from the kitchen; they come in various shapes and sizes. Various companies usually manufacture range hoods; thus, they have various installation processes.

Range hood installation is done by a professional or HVAC contractor. They usually do it within the kitchen layouts only. The installation process can take one to two hours, depending on the venting systems of your kitchen. You can either do it yourself or take professional help.


The cost of installing a range hood completely depends on your kitchen’s ducting and vents. An average range hood might cost around $600 to $2000. The other charges like labor work and extra supplies might depend on the contractor.

Types of Range hoods Maximum Costs Description
Hood System $300 max It mainly relies on your kitchen layout. The contractor needs time to figure out the electrical circuits and proceed. He might require a maximum time of 2 hours to install the hood system.
Island Range Hood System $500 or $600 Installation of the island range hood will take 3 to 4 hours, depending on its model and venting system. First, the contractor has to install the vent through the roof, which usually takes time; sometimes, two persons are required depending on the size of the range hood. 
Vent Hood System $700 – $1800 Since it requires ductwork, it’s expensive as compared to others. The ductwork is needed to allow the air to exit through the hood and pass through it to reach outside the house. This duct might be straight through the walls or drawn out through the roof, so the charging depends on the work done.
Vent Range Hood Outside $500 approx. The time taken to complete the process and extra time taken to fix the motor, and electric circuits conclude the total charging of the work.
Range Hood Ductwork $300- $400 It will take 3-4 hrs for the complete installation. The charging of the job depends on the length of the ducting, turns, and molding. Also, it depends on the walls and range hood you purchased.
Venting Through the Roof $350 max  The complete process takes around two or two and a half hours. However, this process is cheaper because it is easier to fix the vent through the roof as it has fewer turns and obstacles.
Kitchen Exhaust Fan $95 – $200 Installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen takes the same time as fixing a restroom fan. It might take 45 mins to 1 hour at maximum.
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If you are comfortable doing your range hood installation or cannot afford a  contractor, follow the below steps to easily install your range hood. You can save a lot by doing it yourself. Firstly get all the tools and materials required; the checklist is given below:

  1. Drill
  2. Drill Bits
  3. Caulk Gun
  4. Wire Stripper
  5. Oscillating Tool

  1. Range Hood
  2. Wall Cap
  3. Ducting
  4. HVAC Foil Tape
  5. Tape Measure

The installation process might vary depending on the company of manufacture, so read the instructions provided before you start.

  • Mark the wall where the vent comes out from the hood after measuring the dimensions of the hood.
  • Before cutting the holes into the wall, check for water pipes and electric circuits inside the wall by piercing small holes.
  • Cut holes in the marked points.
  • Use a drill, make holes from the outside, trace the four corners from the inside, and cut the box to let the vent pass through it.
  • Attach the vent cap and prepare the damper.
  • Install the interior damper and use the HVAC foil tape to get a stronghold.
  • Mark the range hood holes and drill the holes.
  • Now take help from someone to properly hold the hood and screw it into the holes.
  • Attach the outer parts of the hood and tighten the screws.
  • Fix the electric wires and insulate them.
  • Install the motor and filters according to the instructions and close the hood.
  • And that’s it; you have a new venting range hood in your kitchen.

If you are unfamiliar with all the tools and things, just hire someone to do the job. It will be done effortlessly instead of you struggling and fixing it wrong.

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Hiring a professional is the best way to either install or repair or vent or range hood in case you dont have the time to do it yourself. You can get hassle-free fixing with only one person easily. However, if you feel it is a too expensive option, you can do it all by yourself by following the above-mentioned steps.

Many contractors charge high for jobs like this because they are easy, so you can hire separate e for different tasks or complete them yourself. You can also hire an electrician to do the job if skilled because they charge less than the HVAC.

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