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How To Install An Island Range Hood?

Range hood installation is essential in kitchens to get fresh air and a clean environment. However, installing an island range hood is challenging compared to the other range hoods.

You have to drill a hole into the roof or ceiling in your kitchen according to the dimensions of the island range hood to fix it. The best location of an island range hood should be around 24 inches to 36 inches above the stovetop.


An island range hood is a type of range hood that hangs from the top of your ceiling over the kitchen island. Many prefer these because they have a minimalistic look and do not require much installation space. In addition, they are easy to clean and clear maximum grease from the kitchen if installed properly.

If you have a ductless island range hood, the installation process is slightly different from installing a normal range hood. To start the process of installation, gather the tools and supplies mentioned below:

  1. Safety gloves and goggles
  2. Pencil or marker
  3. Star and a flat head screwdriver
  4. Nose pliers
  5. Electric drill and drill bullets
  6. Hammer and wooden saw
  7. Measuring tape
  8. Adjustable wrench

Take the range hood, place it on a flat surface, and mark the dimensions of the island hood using a pencil or a marker. Mark the dimensions onto the wall where you want your range hood to be fixed. Ensure the markings are at least 30 to 35 inches above the cooktop.

After marking, cut through the markings and mount the chimney mounting bracket. Fix it about one inch from the ceiling or limit, aligning the center with the width reference line of the range hood.

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Mount the two bodies by fixing screws into the drywall anchors. Make sure they are fixed parallel to each other.

Now hang the body of the hood onto the screws that are fixed in the wall. Next, tighten and secure the body of the hood onto the wall. Then install the double A mounting screws to the mounting holes and secure the body.

Gently slide the bottom and top of the hood out separately. Then install the bottom panel of the hood into the marked area. Be sure that the bottom of the mounting panel is securely attached to the wall.

Lift the top panel of the island range hood and secure it to the mounting bracket and secure it by fixing screws on both sides.

Fix the charcoal or carbon filters into the mounted range hood to convert it into ductless. Next, fix the filters into the suction unit in the hood. Place them at 90 degrees inside the suction unit, and replace all outer filters.

After the installation, switch on the range hood to check if it works properly. You cannot frequently wash these charcoal filters, so it is better to replace these once in a while with new filters.

The cost of installation of an island range hood completely depends on the time required to fix it. In most cases, it takes five or four hours, and smaller models commonly take a little less time to install. Usually, it will cost between $400 to $500 to install a normal island range hood.

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Installing an island range hood is not as difficult as many people think; it can be done with small skills and techniques, as mentioned above. However, it will be much more easier to have a person to help because you need to lift a certain amount of weight and fix it into the ceiling.

If this is your first range hood, you will not have a ducting and electric supply, so hire an electrician to do the job easily. Without it installing an island range hood is going to be difficult. After installation, turn on the hood and check the airflow in it. Check if the vent is clear and no equipment is left inside, so it will not be an obstacle to vent out the grease and brumes from your kitchen.

  1. Can I use old vents to install a new island hood?

Yes, you can use your old vent pipes to fix a new island hood; if you do not have one, it will be a little difficult to install the hood.

  1. How much CFM do I need to install an island range hood?

You will need 250 to 300 CFM to install a proper and effective island range hood.

  1. How high should I fix my island range hood?

You should have a minimum distance of 30 to 35 inches between the stovetop and the island range hood.

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