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How To Replace Range Hood Light Bulbs?

Nowadays, most range hoods include flattened, round lighting systems just below the hood that illuminate the kitchen area. Unfortunately, such fluorescent bulbs might wear out and require maintenance over time.

In practical terms, it shouldn’t be any more difficult than replacing a light fixture at home. Be sure you get the right kind of bulb; the most popular ones are candle-type bulbs on earlier hoods or 12v Light bulbs on modern hoods.

Whenever the led lights in your exhaust pipe hood, also known as a stovetop hood, fail, it can be terribly inconvenient. Not only will it impair your insight while cooking, but it also complicates changing the stovetop hood light bulbs.

When it is a halogen lamp, you must select the relevant power output and wattage, which could be tough to interpret from the tiny bulb.

Before beginning any task, you must switch off the electricity to the machine at the mains. This ensures no power generation is making its way through the device and eliminates the possibility of electrical shocks.

How To Detach The Worn Out Bulb Easily

  1. First, you’ll need to turn off your vent and rapidly unplug the power. This is a critical step for your safety and the well-being of your vent hood.
  • Create a tiny loop/circle with a simple piece of tape, such as a craftsman’s or concealing tape, by attaching both edges around each other. Check that the smooth edge has to face out.
  • Attach such a tape to a viewpoint of the range hood lamp and squeeze the opposite direction with each other to form a customizable hold.
  • A fluorescent light vacuum cup can also be purchased from a neighborhood home improvement store. Definitely keep pressing on the vent light bulb while holding the adhesive.
  • Flip it counterclockwise. Take very good care not to overdo it.
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How To Install A New Fluorescent Lamp Into Your Range Hood:

  1. Purchase the suitable and high-watt bulb as the one you are replacing.
  • Gently insert the lamp into the socket.
  • Stick the tape on the lamp or wear latex gloves following the same steps used while removing the lamp.
  • To fasten the lightbulb, turn it forwards and backward.

How To Buy A Proper Replacement Light Bulb For The Range Hood?

Fluorescent lamps are used in the vast bulk of range vents. However, these lamps can be equipped with smart LED lights.

Those that are nonetheless fashionable but also long-lasting. In your range hood, both categories will suffice.

LED lights seem to have become prominent and will last 28-30 times longer than halogen bulbs and save excess power. They also have an immediate switch function.

People are choosing LED bulbs since they are smooth to the touch. So you won’t be complaining regarding you or your kid actually bumping an LED bulb on the range hood and burning himself while preparing food for your relatives.

Halogen Or LED Light Bulb For Your Range Hood

Halogen bulbs are highly recommended for channeling radiant glow to a particular region, such as your cooktop, where you prepare your meals. They are nonetheless eco-friendly, but they also start instantly.

As a result, turning on the lamp highlights the kitchen hood. Like many CFL lamps, the lamp does not need to be warmed up first.

They can also be dimmed. However, halogen bulbs are the best option unless your range hood is fainter.

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Important advice for range hood light bulbs

The air pressure surface temp range for common LED bulbs discovered in many general merchandise or online stores is 50 degrees Celsius or less.

Throughout food preparation, the exhaust under the range hood can reach temperatures of 75-80 degrees Celsius. This should adversely affect the performance of the LED bulb so that it won’t last long.

You should consider installing your halogen light bulb in your kitchen hood with Led lighting designed specifically for range air vents. Such bulbs are conveniently available in the market.

Numerous range hoods are now crafted with Led bulbs and may not have any of these problems.

Of course, you will appreciate all the advantages of spotlessly clean, bright LED lighting or may never need to consider replacing the bulb again.

If you really want LED lighting over your stovetop and are replacing your old range hood, purchase a new LED-equipped range hood.

Reasons Why Your Bulb Might Not be Working Properly

  • Inspect for power shortages.
  • Examine the bulb to see if it is defective or broken.
  • There may be a problem mostly with electrical inflow
  • If the light switch is broken, replace it.
  • Inadequate user interface to control


When selecting the correct range hood light bulb, self-preservation is critical. The first thing to keep in mind is to switch off the electricity and wait for the lamps to cool before you continue.


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