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Can You Juice Beet Leaves?

You are in the mood to make some healthy juice. You’ve got beets and ready to make juice, but those beet leaves are lying there too. You wonder Can you juice beet leaves? Beet leaves have various minerals and vitamins that are very good for your health, and throwing them would be stupid. You can surely juice beet leaves with beet or without it.

Beet leaves and stems have a distinctive taste and can bring great flavors to your juice. You can add beet leaves to various citrus fruits like orange or even sweet berries like raspberry or strawberry. However, beet leaves are strong, so normal juicer blades might not be able to blend them.


You’ve bought beets from the market, ready to make some tasty and healthy juice. Beet leaves and stems come with beets, too, so what do you do with them? Throw them in the compost bin? No, you juice them! Beet leaves are leafy greens, so they are rich in nutrients. Now you can use your beet leaves to make a juice by following our steps provided below.

For anyone who has ever made beetroot juice, you know how messy the process is. So it would be better if you juice the beet leaves first if you’re thinking of mixing the beets and leaves together.

The process is pretty simple. First of all, you have to cut the stems about ¼ inch from the root. Now wash them properly and pat dry them. Next, you can either cut the leaves or juice them with the stems. Cut them in small or medium parts, depending on your juicer. Now put all the items in the juicer.

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As beet leaves have a very different flavor, you can notice its flavor even when paired with other ingredients. But adding other fruits brings other flavors, too, so it’s nutritious and delicious. Beet leaves have a bitter taste, so you might need other flavors to lower the bitter taste. Well, sweet fruits will help lower the bitter levels of beet leaves.

Juicy and sweet fruits go well with beet leaves. Watermelon, apple, raspberry, and strawberry are some good choices. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons would also taste well with beet leaves.

Beet leaves have the same taste as other green vegetables like spinach, chard, and kale, but it has a rich flavor. If your recipe calls for any leafy greens, you can use beet leaves then. Beetroots are sweet, but that doesn’t mean its leaves will too. They are bitter, so a blended juice would even all the flavors.

Beet leaves are often ignored and thrown because people see them as a waste whereas, in reality, they are so nutritious for your health. Once you realize the amazing health benefits of beet leaves, you are not going to throw them again.

Beet leaves give you amazing nutritional benefits along with beetroot. So when you juice both of them together, you are packing yourself with many nutrients. For example, beet leaves are high in Vitamin C, which helps fight infections and boost immunity.

Beet leaves also contain Vitamin A, and one cup of juice of beet leaves fulfills our daily Vitamin A requirement. They are also rich in Vitamin K and calcium, which help keep your bones healthy. It’s a great juice for vegans, vegetarians, or simply on dairy-free diets.

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You don’t buy one or two beetroots, you buy them in the bunch, so beet leaves come in a bunch with them too. You don’t make all of them together, so can you freeze beet leaves? Yes, they can be frozen. If you use our method of freezing beet leaves, you’ll have them ready when you need them.

  1. Chop off the stems from the beet leaves and throw them. Wash the leaves, and then pat dry.
  2. Cut the leaves into small pieces.
  3. Boil water in a large vessel or steamer. Keep a colander and icy cold water bowl near you.
  4. Boil the leaves while gently stirring them with tongs until they become all mushy.
  5. Quickly take them out and put them in the icy water.
  6. Drain the leaves and try to remove almost all of the water using a colander. The basic point is drying them.
  7. Fold in a baking sheet and freeze it.

Beet leaves are rich in nutrients that give you so many health benefits. You will get tired of counting the benefits, and they will not end. So juice them now and drink the healthy juice to start your day.

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