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Is a Food Processor Worth It?

Food processors work similarly to blenders. But these actually have an extra aid than the blenders, which is slicing. So you can use it for everything you need for a full course menu prep. If you are someone who loves to experiment with different cuisines of food, then buying a food processor will be an excellent deal.

Food processors are best for those who do multiple dishes every day. They reduce the time required for prepping the kitchen to cook. So obviously it is something everybody needs in their kitchen.


You  can use a food processor for more than one task in the kitchen, as mentioned below:

1. For shredding meat and vegetables –  A food processor can help to shred meat in the kitchen. You can chop the veggies or meat into small pieces before adding them into the food processor to get an even textured shred. This can be the best way for a quick and easy shredded cheese for your pizza toppings.

2. Chopping or mincing – Not an expert in handling knives? Then get yourself a food processor. It does the job easy for you. Mincing and chopping can be easy and tension free. You can just buy packed, and processed garlic or peanut butter spread for your breakfast. But do you ever realize how they are kept fresh for months? Exactly, excessive salts and sugars!!! Instead,  make your own bread spread using a food processor.

3. Non-greasy dressings – prefer fresh salad dressings? Then buy a food processor. It perfectly emulsifies dressings and gives you the perfect dressing or sauce for your salads. In addition, you can reduce or increase the smoothness of the sauce while using a food processor.

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4. Perfect dough kneader – love pizzas and pies, but cannot perfect them because of the dough? Well, not while having a food processor. Just add in all the ingredients and pulse the food processor. It gives you the best flaky and perfect dough for any baking purposes. Use a big-sized bowl because the dough might aerate. 

5. Delicious Hummus – Are you allergic to store-bought hummus? It is extremely sad to know how you restricted yourself from having hummus all these days. What if we say you can enjoy hummus every day? Nah, not the shitty store-bought ones, which have cheap oils. You can make delicious homemade hummus using a food processor. Add your choice of beans, a few garlic and mint pieces for seasoning, and a few spoons of olive oil, and blend smooth. Add salt and paprika as per your taste and enjoy the delicious hummus.

The cost of a food processor depends on the capacity and accessories provided. Sometimes you need to purchase extra accessories like blades and jars. This might raise the total price of the food processor.

The lowest cost of a normal small food processor model will be around $30, while the trendy and new generation models can cost $40 to $75. If you are not a chef or cook in large quantities, the $30 one will be more than enough.

A food processor’s highest and chef-friendly models can range from $400 to $500. These have high efficiency to work, and the thing you will be paying for is their durability of it. Seriously, they last more than 8 years. So this should be the best deal for cooking lovers.

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Buying a food processor is useful because of the time management and easy prepping. You do not have to invest time in cleaning the chopping board, knives, etc.; the multiple attachments in a food processor are a lifesaver. However, you must purchase the attachments separately as many brands do not provide them. But that will be totally okay and worth it.

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