Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice

Samsung makes very reliable and creative refrigerators. Its ice maker function in the refrigerator is the best part about it. You can easily get ice within seconds and enjoy your chilled beverage in summer. But it’s a machine so you can expect some faults in it.

You might experience faults like your Samsung refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice. It’s not that a big problem and can be solved by yourself. There might be a fault in the ice maker or the temperature. Whatever the fault is, it can be repaired by yourself.

How to repair the ice maker not dumping ice?

Here are a few easy things to repair your ice maker without removing any parts or testing them.

  1. You can restart your ice maker if the problem lies in it. Just hit the restart button.
  2. The freezer might not be cold enough for the ice to form. Check the temperature of the freezer.
  3. Some ice might have been stuck in the mold tray. Unlock the ice mold tray and remove the stuck ice.
  4. Check the storage bin for any collected ice in it. Remove the ice and start again.

Apart from doing the above things, here are a few other things you should take into consideration:

Disconnect the refrigerator’s power to restart the ice maker

If your Samsung ice maker is not putting ice in the storage bin, you should disconnect the refrigerator to reset the ice maker. Let it unplug for 5-10 minutes. When there’s an unknown error, restarting the ice maker can help to remove the error.

Check for the parts of the ice machine that can be faulty

When the freezer is at the ideal temperature, there’s no collected ice in the storage bin or the ice is not jammed, but still, the ice maker is not forming any ice; you’ll need to check each part of the ice maker.

Inspect the ice maker’s mold thermostat, icemaker module, and ice maker mold heater to find any problems. (if there’s a problem with any of these parts, the logical thing to do would be to buy a new ice maker because it’s cost-friendly).

A motor is present in the ice maker module that throws the ice from the ice maker tray. When the motor is not ordered correctly, it will not let the ice blow out or fall out.

The ice maker mold thermostat checks the temperature of the ice maker mold tray. When the thermostat is at fault, the ice maker will not let fall ice cubes.

We advise you to buy a new ice maker instead of replacing a faulty part because each part can be twice the cost of the ice maker.

Ice maker lid closed

  • Whenever you open the door of your Samsung freezer, hot air will come inside. Most ice makers come with a lid that helps prevent cool air from going out of the freezer and kicking out warm air.
  • Inspect the ice chute when you open your freezer. You’ll see a flap that’s adjusted against the housing. If you notice the flap is not seated, check for any debris or ice blocking it.
  • Ice residue tends to form when the icebox and flap are not fitted properly.

Check the child lock is turned off

When the child lock is on your Samsung refrigerator, it will lock the display and dispenser. It’s a safety feature that ensures children can’t open the fridge. So even when the ice is present in the ice bucket, it will not dispense it when the child lock is on.

If it’s not dumping ice, your refrigerator might be in child lock mode. Some Samsung refrigerators have a feature named dispenser lock. So when this feature is set on, you’ll not be able to make ice.

Press and hold the child lock button for three seconds to turn it off. You’ll be able to unlock the door once you hear a sound. Check the indicator light too. If it’s on, then your ice maker is off. Simply press it once if you want to make ice.

Defrost not functioning

The ice maker won’t drop ice in the bucket if the defrost function is defective. Instead, the ice will be formed in the mold and prevent ice from forming further. Unfortunately, this results in the problem of your Samsung Refrigerator ice maker not dumping ice.

You can call your company customer care so that they can send a professional to repair this problem.

Check raker

Check for ice buildup if your ice maker has a raker. When you remove it, your ice maker can function much better. For this, you’ll have to scrape the ice using your hands. If you notice too much ice in the bin, you should remove that too. Just raise or lower the fill line to remove it.



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