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Can you put hot liquid in a blender?

Smart kitchen appliances have made our life a lot easier and simpler. A blender is one such appliance that takes care of all your cooking needs, such as chopping, blending, or grinding. Blender was originally founded to prepare soda fountain drinks.

We all know that a blender can blend or puree any cool item. But here’s a common question that troubles everyone. Can you put hot liquid in a blender? It is not advised to pour hot liquids directly into a blender as it can create a burning mess. Instead, put small quantities of warm liquid instead of hot liquid in the blender.


Ninja blender is a great tool for making soups or purees. It blends all the ingredients so smoothly that you’ll never know what’s present in that liquid. You can even use a ninja blender to make soups for your child. Soups require hot liquid to prepare, so can you put it directly in the blender.

No, you should never put hot liquid directly in a ninja blender. If you want to make a soup, let the liquid come to room temperature and then pour it along with the other ingredients in the blender. Blender is not supposed to give you sizzling hot soups.

Blenders are supposed to simplify your tasks, not do all of them. For example, pouring hot liquid can double heat the blender and cause a mess. Also, as the motor of the blender starts, it’s already heated, so when you pour something hot into the blender, it has a chance of burning.

Make the soup at room temperature and then heat it in a different utensil. Why take a risk when you can easily heat it in the oven or the stove. However, pour the hot liquid in small quantities if you’re in a hurry. For example, one hot liquid glass should be divided into four parts. Let them cool a little bit, then pour them one by one.

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Nutribullet is also a blender, so it works the same way as other blenders. So you cannot put hot liquid in a nutribullet because it will create a mess and suddenly stop working. So don’t experiment with your nutribullet if you’re not familiar with the result.

If you need to drink something hot, follow this process. Let the liquid come to room temperature, then blend it in the nutribullet. Next, pour it into an oven-safe glass or bowl, then heat it. See, easy peasy.

Never ever make the mistake of pouring hot liquids into your nutribullet if you want it to last longer. Blenders don’t function to withstand the heat of hot liquids when there’s heat already generated from the motor. You can even injure yourself if there’s a burning mess.

When you’re blending some liquid, don’t let the blades rotate for more than one minute. The rotating blades’ friction creates internal pressure that heats the blender. So pouring hot liquid can cause thermal injury.

Pouring hot liquids in the blender brings no good to anyone. But unfortunately, this smart kitchen appliance soon turns into an injured appliance that can hurt you too. If you mistake pouring hot liquid in your blender and then blending it, you can expect things like steam burns, liquid getting out of the blender, creating a mess, and exploding lids.

The ideal tip from our side would be to allow the liquid to come at room temperature. If you want the liquid to make soup, then heat it later. Don’t rush because doing this will only make you late for your important work.

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