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Magic bullet blade not spinning

You drink a healthy smoothie daily in the morning to keep yourself fit. So just like all days, you cut all the ingredients and toss them into your magic bullet jar. Now that it’s become a habit, you can’t live without it. You turn on the switch, but the ingredients are not blending.

You see the magic bullet blade not spinning. What on earth did just happen? There’s not one particular reason for this but many. It might be because of some fault in the base gear, motor, or activator. It can also be due to food stuck in the blades.


It can be frustrating to see your magic bullet not blending after you take the time to cut all the ingredients. You’re getting late for work too, but you need your morning smoothie. Keep that frustration aside and focus on the reasons that can cause the blades not to spin.

If you use the blender for a longer time than suggested by the manufacturer, the blades can stop spinning. However, the blades get dull over time, so you need to change them from time to time.

Another reason could be the motor is not working. If the motor’s not working, the blades won’t spin. Problems with activators can also stop the blades from spinning. Finally, sometimes there’s an issue with the shaft or the blades have been damaged.

When you overstuff the blender cup, the blender will refuse to spin because of the overload. Try filling the cup in half and turn on the blender. Do you clean the blades after using the magic bullet? If not, there might be small food particles stuck in the blades over time that hinder the spinning process.

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Magic bullet manufacturers suggest you blend the ingredients for one minute straight. The motor can drain out quickly if you keep the blender switch on for more than a minute. Unfortunately, it will also impact the blades too.

If you notice that your ingredients are not blended within a minute, try removing half of the ingredients and then blending in half quantities.

When you plugged the magic bullet, did you notice any burning smell? If yes, then unplug it immediately. Let the motor cool for an hour and plug on it again. This will help the motor function normally back again and let the blades spin smoothly.

White activators help the blender to function normally. They are present on top of the power base of the blender. So there’s a problem with the activators if you secure the cup tightly on the base and the blades still won’t spin. They might be stuck.

To fix this, replace the cross blades with new ones. You can also pour some warm water on the activators to help remove any stuck dirt.

With regular use, the blades of the magic bullet can get dull. They can also get bent due to some improper usage. If you see that the blades are not sharp enough or bent, you need to replace them.

Take a cloth and hold the blades with this cloth. Clockwise turn the gear on the backside and have the blades in your hands. Take the new blades and fix them.

The base gear might be broken if the blades are not spinning. So you’ll have to replace the broken base gear. Here’s how you can replace it:

  1. Use a piler to hold the inside of the top of the blender. There’s a slit at the bottom covered with a sticker; remove it.
  2. Insert a flathead screwdriver into the slit while holding the gear.
  3. Hold the bottom side with the screwdriver stationery.
  4. To unscrew the gears, turn the pliers in a clockwise direction.
  5. Replace with a new base gear.
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